Your separateness is not your Self

The September, “going back to school” buzz always brings out the organised, focused, ambitious creature in me. I try to do Everything and make room for Everyone.

I took our daughter’s nap time today to clear out the side of the retreat centre, where we’re currently living. For once I found the clearing and tidying easy to do. A comprehensive de-cluttering of your things is a great way to reassess, realign or hopefully re-affirm your direction in life.  These quiet moments often present themselves when least expected and I always try to embrace my inner wanderings, letting them teach me as much as possible. I urge you too, to pick up your pen… Write down your musings and let your creative self teach you too.


I spoke to you about the pockets of doubt arising, inward.

The finicky feeling that gathers every time I see the dust settle on our autumn leaves,

Gathering in the warmth of a September afternoon in the driveway.

I watch apples fall, collecting holes like they welcome the worms,

Sitting patiently where they landed.

And we see our dreams overcast by the oil burning in a pool left by the last camper van.

Driving east, as our daughter sits happily in puddles of rain

we make sure the oil stays separate from the drizzle, which doesn’t take any effort

Like your dust in the skid marks, there’s no room for surrender,

Just a foggy rusted badgers blow,

In the hole where the dogs dig, day after day.


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