Two Poems: Yoga of the Sun and Moon and Ask

Uploaded 9th September 2014

Sensitive movement minds
Moon, knows its flow
Infiltrate a sentiment of our times
Motion brings its own kind of
proposal, stability and ride
Sun, feels it slow;

As the restlessness subsides
In waves of release
Vision blurs, precision falters,
Bring music to alter
That subtle sense of mind

Keenly subverting the spinning
Internal wheel of knowing
allows the vibration
to twist and turn in its winning
The tumbles continue with the tide

Savasana awaits

With bated breath, child’s pose
Back like a slate
Favourite twilight zone reverberates
Visions remarkably adjusts

Movement rusts
Slow to a stop
Whereupon we rate
This corpse pose; a kind route,
to escape the chore of each day,
and simply fade away.



Pentax Digital Camera


we reach through specks of dust
to see the stars,
we re-organise the fuss
to see where we really are,
we analyse dreams.
Give us insight into us.

Enact our dharma – a must.
to transgress fear
Get that bit, not too far.
Overcome the non-soul’s purpose

Act within your own energy
with the direction that leads you
into synergy

Ask for more than you have.

We need the connection
Among soul bodies

Unified in consciousness
each other we can trust.


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