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Hello everyone,

Thank you for continuing to Be Here.

This post is just a little update and to let you know about our upcoming yoga course on Thursday nights. Hope you can join in the fun!

I’m mostly snuggled up with my babies at 8 o clock ushering them into Dreamland, before I start work of my own. But I did join a class with Olya a few weeks back, and not just did I say hello to my core, I said hello to some space in my overthinking mind.

If you are like me and constantly constructing, considering and creating, then yoga class is a beautiful time to step back and just stop. I managed to do this for the hour and 15 minutes with Olya, gently guiding us to a safe and relaxed place and I was so grateful for it.

We often think we are “doing nothing”  in yoga class , when we lie there at the end in a well deserved corpse pose, but I have come to realise that this short space of time of “doing nothing” gives me the energy and rest and motivation I need to go out in to the world and “do” all the things I want to do.

If we don’t take this time to clear our minds we can often go round in a whirlwind of activity, in an andrenal fused state and actually get less done. When we are relaxed, in flow and the pressure speed is taken away we usually end up getting more done in less I have found..

In my current mode of being a lawyer, a yoga teacher, a retreat host, an Airbnb host, a pretty much full time parent and breast feeder I often only catch a few winks of sleep a night. In supporting my husband setting up his new business (Traderdock -more coming soon!!) I also like to have space to discuss this with him and move it forward both energetically and logistically.

So our lives are work and wonder full , and as so many people point out to me on a daily basis , my hands are full too but what I always always remember is my heart is the fullest. It’s overflowing with love and abundance and compassion and poetry. And honestly this is partly due to yoga and the space it has brought to let that green light of the heart anahata shine out.

dare to Dream

standing in water,
heavens falling,
There is only living,
in immortal peace,
in threads of nests,
Where you care for me,
Man of mother bird.
The only one I see,
You cared.
I sit and learn to use my wings
As fearlessly as I dare
So you can be free.


By helen Holt

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