Year One

I just cranked up my old phone to find a lost number and I nearly melted into a puddle looking at photos of my beautiful daughter when she was a newborn.

She has now turned one and is a wonderfully independent, happy, wild and precious toddler. Wow that went fast! Now I run round after her as she explores every nook and cranny of every space she enters and wants to run into lakes and rivers and immerse herself so much into the earth that she throws her head face down into the sand to explore it’s texture and really feel what the stuff is made of. Her natural curiosity has us spell bound each day. Her drive to learn is keenly sharpened. She copies everything we do and tries to speak our language. It’s an honour to watch her blossom.

We still have regular nightly wakings way more than I would like but it doesn’t worry me. She loves to be close to us. She snuggles in for drinks and strokes my arm. She pinches sometimes too! She knows we are there night and day, always. We don’t stop parenting because the sun goes down.

Everyone says cherish each moment and as much as it sounds like a cliché, it couldn’t be more true. I have to stop more and absorb the beauty of watching our child develop and grow and continue to be astounded by the world around her. She takes everything in at heightened awareness and she teaches the same presence in me.

It doesn’t mean that we are putting our lives on hold just because we are so overcome with love however. We seem to be embracing our own lives more than ever, teaching yoga, working in law, hosting, and currently converting the garage into an open plan living space for us all to allow the Retreat centre to expand which it is doing magically of its own accord. And we are busy as always in the garden and though she often drags us from our work and shows us petals or stones or dirt she’s steeping our world in new found wonder and for that we know she is beautiful. And that’s all for now.

Love Helen

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