Why I’m still doing yoga 10 years on

 Ive always been one for trying new ‘pursuits’ over the years… Different sports, and activities. I suppose things came pretty easy to me and I never had to put in too much effort.  However, very soon I would get bored and quit whatever ‘new pursuit’ I had taken up, whether it was running, playing guitar, basketball or whatever it was I’d been aimlessly dabbling in.

It also meant I got lazy about being committed to any particular kind of sport or exercise. I guess I was happier with my head buried in a book, acting or writing. And that’s okay. But before long your body needs to move again. It’s made to. That’s why we exist in this instrument of ours. It used to be for hunting and gathering food and minding our young.

When I first went to a yoga class in Rathmines hall in 2006 I wasn’t expecting anything special, in fact it’s fair to say that I had no expectations whatsoever.

I know now that I was simply called to go and meet this Indian teacher and release a shit load of pent up stress and sadness that I had let build up in my system over the years.

That first night, I walked slowly home with my yoga mat tucked under my arm on an Autumn evening and tears streamed down my face. What just happened? I went back, I finished an 8 week course and everything seemed a little bit brighter. The buildings, the sky, the people walking around… I was slowly waking up.

When we moved house to Mountjoy Street on the north side of Dublin, the first thing I did was hunt down the nearest yoga studio. This happened to be The Elbow Room a beautiful studio where I would eventually take a teacher training course some years later, teach my first classes and meet the Awesome and Awe inspiring teacher that I have continued to learn from ever since. (Veronica Larsson)

My body was hooked, my mind was hooked, and lo and behold my heart was healing.

And Yes, yoga can increase your flexibility, improve your balance, and decrease your cholesterol. A recent review in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology showed that yoga reduces the risk of heart disease as much as conventional exercise. So yoga can change your heart in a very real way but I’m not talking about that kind of change of heart.

Somewhere along the line it became very obvious that yoga would not be a passing fad for me but a movement to open and widen and brighten my whole soul.

I can’t say that yoga changed me because ‘I’ was there all along. It just revealed and continues to reveal a lot more of me to me!

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