White new earth

 The sweetest white sheet of snow cast a shadow over the lawn,
crisp air routed through the chimney to touch your bare toes perched gingerly beside the hearth.
Sprouts bubbled in the pot,
As you let a sigh of exhale longer than the one before,
Reaching for your hair, wet from the bath,
Having washed off all the earth,
I watched a twinkle of recognition in your eye.
You must have lived here once, dug deep your roots.
This isn’t your first time to greet a white sheet of snow
And warm your toes by the heat of a deep orange flame.

Before we all get caught up in the exciting sparkling merry go round of the festive season I’ve decided to take a well needed breather. Rejecting new Airbnb requests, lighting our fire , curling our toes, sitting in a warm bath, putting our feet up and forgiving ourselves for not being perfect all the time sounds like something we need to do.

Our daughter is 16 months old and loves to cosleep, breastfeed, eat beans on toast and snuggle up to Dada for a good book. We’ve been blessed. Now it’s time to slow down as we draw into our winter days.

It’s a time to reflect, set goals, make real meaningful plans, be kind to ourselves, get warm and get real with what we can do over the coming weeks. I always have ten projects going at once and I love my life being full and fulfilling my dreams while trying to be the dream mother but sometimes life simply calls for a pause button.

It is during these times we gain the insight and renewed vigour we really needed.

It is during these times we realise nothing is by chance, or by accident, we are here for a reason, with a purpose and maybe we’ve even tried to implement this message, this life once before and have another shot at it.

So I say don’t worry, Love deeply and live in as much serenity as you can gather because when we get that deja vu feeling we know we’ve done something right or at least tried it before.

Stay warm and cosy.

Love Helen

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