What is Theta Yoga

Do you ever hear a piece of music that induces a loving memory, a strong feeling or recollection?

Do you ever experience sensory organs in action, such as the smell of a warm apple pie baking, and it reminds you of something long ago in another part of the world where you once were? Sometimes I smell a sweet sort of foggy mist in the air and I am transcended in time and space to the years I lived in Middlesborough as a child.

Tapping into the oft inert powers of one of our biggest organs, the human brain is optional. The brain contains over 10 billion nerve cells, with each neuron connected to other neurons through about 10,000 synapses. Using this interactive hive of an organ can result in some pretty extraordinary feats. It is well know that all vertebrates control their movements and actions through the spinal cord and the brain. (aka the central nervous system).

In 1958, it was first discovered that Man could actually control  his own brain activity. Joe Kamiya in the US found that he could train people to produce a special sort of brain wave (alpha wave).  Through biofeedback training, EEG changes have measured varying states of relaxation and well being with the appearance of spontaneous visual images.

Through meditation we can moderate and influence our brain waves. I have learned over the last 8 years how to change my entire outlook on life through a regular practice of creating and building my own reality. We have five brain frequencies, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. the reason I am working in the Theta range of waves regularly is because it is from where our most deep seated programs are run.

Theta is where we can use the most creative element of our minds. It houses the cognitive power in us to experiment, play, change and create the way we live and see the world. When we work with theta we enter a subconscious level where we can tweak our mind programming ability.

A cell in the human body is like a little battery – it is full of vibrating particles in a microscopic energy sense. by changing the fundamental frequency of the vibration or energy output of the body we can change organs and specific parts of the body itself. We can heal and consciously create from this space allowing us access to deeper parts of our subconscious patterning. Layers of conditioning, beliefs about ourselves and others can be reversed, altered, even undone by entering a zone whereby we begin to work on the energy of our very cells.

I do not intend to blog here as the world’s biggest yoga advocate, I accept that yoga is no panacea and I do not hold it out as such. Nevertheless it is undoubtable that practising meditation and some yoga will improve mental clarity and your well being and if done with purpose, correctly it has the ability to alter dramatically large areas of your life. Particularly using intuitive and enlightening methods of mind based meditation techniques. These have been experienced and utilised by countless people in the world today. In fact in addition to all the visionaries and famous enlightened beings I could name here, each and every one of us have most likely at one stage or another experienced a connection to this intuitive active consciousness that even if only momentarily lets us see things illuminated and clearly. Our manifestation of reality at these times, in a heightened mental awareness state, becomes a real possibility.

I am a firm believer that we do all possess the ability to bring clarity, self awareness, pleasure, positivity and wealth in to our energy spheres if we so choose. The first step is acting in such a way (initially through our bodies) that will bring the outcome we desire. If we decide to move, (a decision we CAN make), we will often notice profound shifts in our energy. It does not have to be running down the road, cycling for miles or even walking, it can be a simple stretch that lengthens the horizons of our body, releases pent up energy that we no longer need and awakens dormant cells that were just having a nap from the world. We can move into a pose that will actually alter our perceptions, magnify our life views, expand our thoughts, help us visualise where we would like to go. Whether that is to the garden to bend over and examine the bees, the flowers and the trees or to rest or chat with a loved one then so be it. We can be inspired simply by specific asanas that assist us in creating a mental flow in line with positive vibrations.

I hope this sets out a brief overview of why I practice theta and am working on deep meditations and relaxations in order to create change, health and awareness. I do not believe that starting a fad diet or restricting calories, etc will assist. If you really want to change things in your life, whatever that may be, weight, relationships, work, love, then the body will be the first place to start: Listen to the messages it is sending you from the brain.

From there we will automatically choose the right path for us, the right partner, foods that suit our body type, that make us feel good, because we move from a place of truth in ourselves, in our brains. The direction comes from theta waves that we have activated during meditation. And aren’t we so lucky as humans that we have the ability to do this?


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