Transforming Times

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’

Albert Einstein

Working with an inward moving energy I am creating and re-creating in the kitchen here at Avondale Retreat. So much goodness, chia pudding, mango madness, dhal, smoothies, banana ice cream, pancakes, popcorn, fresh apple juices, sun dried tomato pestos, avocados, parsley quinoa salads, broccoli galore.. Everything my body is craving. It is a time of nesting, drawing ourselves hOMe. A restorative and sacred time. I am so grateful for the summer light. I woke at 4 this morning to watch the morning unfold. At night I can stay out late and be by the trees til the day draws to a close.

This has certainly been a time to slow down, appreciate the joy in carrying a precious life, tune into long forgotten heart felt promises, spend time by the river, feed growing baby, nurture our souls and re-engage with our larger selves.

Having emerged from the fire ceremony as a new being of light, I am offering much more time up to myself to ground into the luscious earth that surrounds us here. I have taken on a beautiful meditation class on Tuesdays which will continue right up to the birth. And thereafter.

All is quiet around here as we embrace family life and the new moon.

Many other issues seem to have resolved themselves without too much effort and things are moving forward at an easy and re-assured pace.

I am open to seeking new positive beings in this life, to find insights in connecting and hope that they live somewhere in the foothills or the mountains and will come from under the rocks and join us to sit in meditation and learn the ways of the rest of this healing pregnancy journey with me.

For a while there I felt broken right open, with waves of new energy coming in that I almost found hard to integrate. Things are settling, saying goodbye to old illusions. Facing re-birth. Facing the changes to come is now exciting and energising. Going forward with open arms, encouraged forward by the divine feminine and immense support of those around me. Feeling the full range of darkness disappear, making space for light. Perfecting the truth of who I am. Engaging with the truth of oneness. Letting the ruptures pass and the raptures in. Baby moves in skill and light. And I embrace the full range of movement.

“You have a power that has nothing to do with what you do

or what you say
or who you know or what you know
or where you are or what you look like or your skills
or your talents
or what you have.
It is the power of your presence.
It is the heat and light from your burning log.
And it touches everyone who comes in contact with you….
~Paul Williams, Remember your Essence

If anyone is interested in fire ceremonies and their ability to change our perspective and allow us to create from a new place get in touch and we can either arrange a ceremony or discuss the benefits for you of doing one. You can also contact homeopath Fiona on 087-1787346.

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