Theta Eats

A healing salad that will get the creative juices flowing…


There is a lingering magic in the Autumn breeze after the Yogameon retreat here last weekend. The type of magic energy needed to destroy old patterns and welcome change…everything moving from tightness, numbness, blockages to ease, certainty creativity and profusion.

Reclaiming our true identity that we had disowned for the sake of acceptance and inclusion. We can sometimes forget in an instant our inner Truth but we must learn to instead stand firm in our beliefs and allow ourselves express them, feeling in the body the spaces where breath can move into and stay to embrace the often overworked muscles of the suffocated parts of us.

With that courage comes a prosperity of release, a recapture of the sacred being, a knowing and an all pervading peace unknown previously.

I am absolutely sure that eating well is one of THE most important ways to stay happy and healthy and clear in body and mind. Our emotional self is dependant in so many ways on what we put in our bodies. Our physical self is grasping for the right nutrients. Our mind is asking why we tortured ourselves with sugar and gunk for short-term pleasure.

Often our bodies can be out of harmony with what we really require. For example if you eat white bread and sweets at 11am it is unlikely that you will have the energy to cook up something super healthy for lunch or even more beneficial eat raw vegetables. The body naturally craves more of what you are feeding it to survive, more stimulants, more sugar… it feels the need to continue the downward spiral of depletion and acidity to keep energised.

When we begin to question our greatest desires or hearts yearnings, we sometimes think it’s to be really rich, to not have to work, to be thin, etc. Once we eat right we see these deepest desires often stem from wanting to live free from fear, free from prejudice, judgement, …we begin to see the big picture more clearly.

It sounds like a leap and IT IS. Jumping into loving ourselves so much that we only feed ourselves only the best food that hums in our constitution IS radical. It is life changing and it is Loving yourself to the utmost.

So with that said…  .  try this simple healing salad:

1/2 small head of white cabbage
1/2 small head of red cabbage
1 apple
Handful of raisins
Small tub of vegan yoghurt or live yoghurt
1 lemon (and zest)
Black pepper
Caraway seeds
The topping is the yoghurt lemon juice and zest mixed together.

Grate and shred apple and cabbages and mix all together.

Top with pepper and the seeds.



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