White new earth

 The sweetest white sheet of snow cast a shadow over the lawn, crisp air routed through the chimney to touch your bare toes perched gingerly beside the hearth. Sprouts bubbled in the pot, As you let a sigh of exhale … Read More

Your separateness is not your Self

Words of encouragement for living and a poem … Read More

Mind Medicine

Feasting slowly on the notion of loving oneself. Inhaling deeply to concoct the other side of mindlessness- Mindfulness – where I belong in my body. Where I reap what I’ve sown. Where I behold what I know. That to love … Read More

Creativity and Your Brain

Creativity… that succinct ability to self express without fear of judgement or shame. That wild, inherent and deep desire to express our inner ideas. That burning fire to release ideas and concoctions of the soul.   Whether you express through … Read More

Dried Marsh Mellow

Dried Marsh Mellow … Read More

Summer Bug

Summer Bug … Read More

One Stone

New Poem – 22nd May 2016 … Read More

Falling into Perspective

New Poem … Read More

Her Ways

Sun salutations; New poem … Read More

Step three of Five and a new Poem

On yoga, sadness and poetry … Read More

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