Matronix – ignite your inner fire -coming this September ’18

Sign up via Email … Read More

Rise Of You – Empowered Feminine – SPECIAL INTRODUCTION COURSE

The rise of the feminine energy. … Read More

Creativity and Your Brain

Creativity… that succinct ability to self express without fear of judgement or shame. That wild, inherent and deep desire to express our inner ideas. That burning fire to release ideas and concoctions of the soul.   Whether you express through … Read More

Step three of Five and a new Poem

On yoga, sadness and poetry … Read More

Five ways to Happiness: Step two

The second of your five step process for creating happiness. … Read More

First step to creative inspiration

I don’t always think long term. I am not a big life planner with far off goals. I prefer to take immediate action, knowing that the steps I take today are the ones that lead to change over time and … Read More

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