Summer Bug

Our summer, supported by fragrant forests, fields flourishing with yellow.

You jumped for the brightest sun

Up in the morning to watch the day dawning.

Thinking, we might find ourselves on the veranda again.

Sipping on Sundays.

Shining like a bluebell amongst the greenest grass.

Your eager longing led the path

We stared at the stars

Full summer, came to pass.


Your red lit neon signs for the delay

But you hunched it, zeal.

This was serious.

Oh yes! You say.

This is the best ever.


Imagine we could measure the sky?

Dip sticks in the earth to reach the bottom.

Dislodge gems and form ice blocks

Watch sparks vein through your being

Come to realise through the glowing dark.

That you had it.

You had her heart.

But you gave it away.


U hold the mountain in your palm

As you face the day.

You squat on the rusty railing.

In full perfection, swing from the light

Of summer, the best you ever had.

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