Step Four, Love your Body, Love Food

Step four towards creating happiness centres around Food.

Thus far I have directed you to 3 important activities in abounding a life of happiness – meditation, yoga and journalling.

Yoga and meditation and later journalling definitely set me on the road to happiness and health.

Though it was not until Dharma Mittra visited Ireland many years ago that I questioned what food was doing to my body.

I was working with Hush Yoga and spending all my days drinking coffee and either talking about or doing yoga.

After a whole day of sweaty workshops and plenty of time upside down, Dharma Mittra gave a short speech.  Among some of his parting words were ‘please don’t eat meat’.

I left the workshop thinking to myself, that guy just asked me not to eat meat, in a way that made it sound like I might save the planet if I chose that option.

Something clicked, I stopped eating meat and all of a sudden I realised lots of conscious, caring yogi’s didn’t eat meat either. I also realized that I never even wanted to eat meat in the first place. I’d been refusing steak and red meat on my dinner plate at home since I was a child. Something intrinsically aware (perhaps about suffering, slaughtering, harm in the way) had always made me resist.

Of course this is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed my fair share of sausages and rashers with fierce hangovers to go with them. I’ll be the first to say I thoroughly enjoyed their greasy relief and filling up the belly.

But I can say with utter conviction that when I became vegetarian I became a whole lot more energetic and I might even say psychic. Okay maybe just intuitive and more aware. 😉 I was clearing more space in my body for healing rather than processing. And I had a fair amount of healing to do.

It was a few years later before I stopped eating all animal products.

This post is NOT saying  that in order to be happy you must be vegan. In fact I don’t like labels at all.

But to feel good in your body, you don’t need a heap of toxins clogging up the entire engine. We need to make it go!

You can and will feel good eating less processed crap, more raw fruit and veg and organic green stuff. Yes organic Green stuff! It’s really not that hard. David loves the kale salad I make. We love spinach (cooked all sorts of ways). We have celery and cucumber in delicious juices. We eat peppery rocket and fresh leaves stuffed into Pitta’s with avocado and houmous, sauteed brocoli. And it’s all so fresh, fortified and finger licking good believe it or not.

The thing is we also Eat all the time. We don’t deprive ourselves, but we are happy knowing that our bodies are more able to digest and cope with the foods we give it. This vessel is more suited to grazing on fresh veg throughout the day than well done steak for a main meal.

Feeling groggy and tired is synonymous with that big after dinner Sunday carvery feel. Who wants food to weigh them down and make them feel tired and too full of stuff we can’t process? Food is energy after all.

So I urge you to try it for a week or two. Even have a meat free day once a week to begin and slowly try to omit it. You will undoubtedly surprise yourself with delicious alternatives. What also happens is you will start to really taste things. The juiciness of a courgette will make your mouth water. The tenderness of a tomato, the ripe banana, the fresh grape. So tasty!

I see it even more now as Abigail studies her food carefully; each morsel counts. Exploring, savouring and appreciating our food, where it comes from, the impact of its vitamins and minerals is fascinating and can be enjoyed to its fullest, guilt free and in abundance if we are eating fruit and vegetables and plenty of them. Eating raw crunchy peppers dipped in homemade guacamole for example.

Let me know if you would like some recipe ideas as a blog post or as always feel free to email me to let me know your  thoughts.

 Love Helen

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