Spring rituals: creative conception

An intensity is lost through spring. The grip of the still of winter lets loose its hold. A gentler breath moves through the trees again.

I wrote previously on the blog posts about preparing for winter. I am lushily feeling the air change again and the sun gather speed now.

Sitting with the window open for hours in my bedroom, staring out at the trees, regaining life, a new luxury.

Thinking of less heavy clothes, shedding the hot water bottle that has kept us warm, de-layering the bed of its multiplicity of blankets and duvets. Dusting off that old cold.

The birds are singing a different tune now, the song of spring. I meditate every day. I slip easier on to my mat for Self induced stretches that feel sooo good. No pushing required.

Taking each morning as a new creative endeavour.  A fresh day. Because it is. Newness is there to be held.

I move more now and more mindfully, feel my feet first touch the earth when I swing them out of bed. Inhale deep, touching each cell in my body, the oscillation of deep spirit body moving through. More soul than body these days, more magic than reality, more stars, more light and much much more love.

And this is how I am welcoming spring, with my breath, that breathes itself deep into my lungs, my ribs fill, even my back, right down to my toes, returning up my legs into the inner lower abdomen, elasticising the pelvis. The sacrum shifts, my perspective each day changing. Arrival of a new owl, hooting. Tingling, a journey to ride with the breath each day.

We said goodbye to long evenings by the fire in January when we began the works and now apart from our families cosy abodes, we have tossed them aside altogether in favour of more snuggling when needed and the little bit of extra body fat we collected during our winter hibernation. Now we shed and burn off the long days. Darkness turns to light as we welcome the daffodils and snow drops that line the pavements.

Spring rituals


  • We moved heaps of ‘stuff’ this weekend…. bags and bags of old clothes, unwanted curtains and recycling jobs were undertaken. De-clutter central. Cliché as it may sound, it really is a great time to let go of unwanted baggage that’s been hanging around. David’s suits are either too big or just of no real use anymore and they take up space, looking sullen in the wardrobe.


Ruthlessly, we chucked a load of clothes in bags. I couldn’t even take a second look at some or Id be tempted to hoard or make a suggestion that I might wear it just one more time. Now they are gone, into the charity shop, for new owners to enjoy.


  • Scrubbing sinks, tiles, floors putting some elbow grease into it. Taking time to make your space exactly how you like it. There’s something satisfying about scrubbing until it shines, then it is all yours to dance around barefoot and clean on. Happy days!!

In anticipation of Spring we have also been:

  • Turning the soil in our garden beds in preparation for planting;
  • Collecting wild garlic;
  • Connecting with fresh mornings;
  • Star gazing;
  • Lots of light yoga stretches including some of the following:

cat/cow pose to awaken the spine, goddess pose, eka pada, mountain pose, tree, squats, childs pose, wide legged forward bends, rotations.

  • Daily meditation sessions.

  • Eating the last of our winter feast foods:


  • Beans – adzukis, black eyed beans, and green and red lentils
  • Sweet potatoes, squash
  • Houmous, tapenades.
  • Still gobbling down lots of fruit and different veggies
  • Continuing with guzzling fresh juices every morning made by my amazing man – cucumber, celery and apple.
  • The odd smoothie treat – spinach for muscles and calcium!

Deciding to eat well each day, to fuel our bodies only with natural organic non-processed foods keeps us strong and healthy. Observing nature each day keeps us alive. We take energy from our forests until we gather enough of our own to launch into spring. The new light now brings with it a perceptive force of life for the months ahead. Keep Dreaming Big.


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