Simple discoveries

Life is what we think it is and much more – it is what we make it.

I sometimes feel like so many choices tug me in many different directions. I want to write poetry all day or sit in meditation for hours. Then the thought of food interrupts me and I get caught up in some divine creation that is fit for delection and photography, never mind devouring.path

We are always faced with a myriad of choices and want to choose the one that leads us to be the best possible person we can be.

If we follow the path that makes us most gleeful in our hearts we are most often on the right track. If that means making a mighty smoothie for breakfast, writing a poem for lunch, gardening in the afternoon and smiling at strangers all night long then that’s what we should be doing. Moving in the right direction makes magic wherever that may lead.

I sometimes think about where my acting career could have led me or what type of person I would be now if I had continued working in the corporate law world. I know the choices I made led me to exactly where I am supposed to be. And for that I remain eternally grateful.

Write down 5 choices that you can make now that will lead you to be free and gleeful in your heart.

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