Rise Of You – Empowered Feminine – SPECIAL INTRODUCTION COURSE

Are you feeling the rise of the sacred Feminine?

Have you tapped into the super emerging power of women of late?

If you are feeling the evolving spectrum of women empowering women, then get ready to step into greatness.

Lawyer, retreat centre owner, yoga teacher and writer, Helen Holt is committed to leading women into their awakened co-creative dreams and fulfil their true potential.

For too long women have felt the urge to change the world, create lasting change and leap into their destiny, fully confident and self assured in their body image, in love life and business.

Do you feel there is a greater potential for prosperity, love and energy locked deep within your cells? ready to activate change for this, For the clarity you seek.

Finally feel like you are living your destiny and ready to change the world… and actually activate that inner power. Share your creative gifts and empower yourself.

On this edge of evolution , women can claim back their power , tap into the possibility and opportunity.

Ali Brown:

our courage has not yet caught up with our opportunity as women.”

No other generation could have imagined this available opportunity – We are free, liberated to pursue our own self -actualisation.

Free to have the meaningful relationship, reinvent what it is to be a woman in every area in our lives.

Our voice, gifts, creativity are ready to be shared – we have the connect network right here.

To influence, create, so BIG. Multiply it. The opportunity is Huge

Discover what is holding us back?






Yours in Empowerment,

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