Recovery of Wisdom

Let power come. Let ecstasy erupt. Allow your heart to expand and overflow with adoration for this magnificent creation and for the love, wisdom, and power that birthed it all. Rapture is needed now — rapture, reverence, and grace.

– Ann Mortifee

After a weekend spent with beautiful star brothers and sisters in Waterford, I have come away feeling quite different. Opening my whole self to Mother Earth, noticing patterns of creating through choosing interacting with others or not. The glorious oneness and natural alignment that opens up when we are our true selves.

Our fundamental sacred connection with each other, inter-Being and with nature re-established, experiencing deeply on a cellular and unifying spiritual level the divine nature of infinite happiness. Coming into contact with Mother, and fuelled by a loving intimacy, I arrive here in full presence, gratitude and love.

The yoga energy medicine work was extra special this time due to the lunar eclipse, the third in a series of four – a tetrad of eclipses.

The full moon was amplified by the eclipse and feelings were intense, calling to be released or at least acknowledged.

All week we have spent clearing the land at Avondale Retreat to make space for new growth. This has been a magical transformation of the ground around our living space.

 A time for all of us to Let Go. What we do with the earth here really matters to us. The realisation that this is, in fact, the biggest project David and I have ever taken on together, as a team, really sunk in over the weekend.

Staying at the Woodlands hotel in order to attend the event allowed me to reflect on all the work back home and the different shapes taking place. The energy being recycled there, reformed, redistributed, re-arranged. The level at which I could not let go of the works being carried out became obvious when in the evenings I questioned David constantly about different aspects of the wooden floors, the painting, the radiators!

Thus the distance which was being offered to me between the material and spiritual realms I simply could not drop. So, instead, I watched it play out.

The pull of the jobs dragged me to old patterns of re-creating and demanding, patterns of wanting a finished product, wanting everything done yesterday. The healing connection present within our tribe permitted me to make the decision to forge a different, new path ahead, a creative endeavour, not a ‘Doing’ but a ‘Being’, with the transformations taking place. Not quite needing to know how it will turn out, but knowing that we are going where we most wish to be headed.

There was no need to scream the prevailing doubts, ‘move it along’, ‘complete’, ‘finish’, ‘acquire’. Old goals resurrect themselves time and again.

The Moon teaches us patience is paramount. We are committed to the change in our lives, our hearts are open.

An inner wisdom was also resurrected through a super powerful star transmission on Saturday. A deep knowing that we can ‘do’ all this, work on our massive project, move things along, and still be ‘alive’ in our hearts, true in our bodies, a sacred presence awakened to the divine nature of what we are actually undertaking and how lucky we are.

In the darkness of the eclipsed moon I received all that I needed to know, to distribute the best choices across our actions, our lives, our fields and to take the most consciously accessible path ahead.

The opportunity to approach stillness once again, really powerful quiet, to pay attention, be patient, speak honestly and not allow action to continually rule our decisions to be present or not. To bear with the unease and unexpected, sit with the discomfort of not knowing what will happen in the next moment.

Only by embracing the place of ‘not knowing’, not doing, can we come face to face with the challenge of accepting and permitting a deeper wisdom to arise.

Our job is to hold more light for the space to be created in the highest and best way in order for this project to unfold. Not to agonise over the small details. The work is already taking place. David is a good friend of change. I am making a large space in my body for this. I nestle into the newness of our foundations (which yes we literally dug up!) and I find there is room there to receive more light and not in exchange for anything, not as a barter but as a gift.

Huge thanks to our teacher and star transmission Goddess and beautiful light being Veronica Larsson who made all this possible and also to the spectacular Karla Kelly for organising the whole weekend at House of Yoga, Waterford. 



  1. Ann-Marie

    Beautiful post Helen!
    No pressure on a finished product when I finally come to see your beautiful home x

    • avondaleretreat

      Thanks Ann-Marie. No pressure on ourselves in this moment as it all unfolds. We are excited for our retreats and good vibes emanating from here.

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