Earth Medicine- New Moon -12th April



Hello Warriors of the Earth Mother,
Due to the New Moon in Aries at 3.30am, I’ve grounded this practice in a shamanic healing within to assist us more deeply. As it is time to honour new beginnings. Enjoy the first fires of her silvery light peeking through and through you. As humanity releases many old skins, YOU get to envision and emboy the path you wish to blaze. 

It is time to begin again. No judgement with what arises for you, just raw life force guiding you. Trust yourself.

Here is your practice to go with this mediation (hopefully you can do it tonight or tomorrow evening)


  • Light a candle or a fire and gaze at the flame proclaiming as clearly as possible your true desires,
  • Set free your highest intent and set it on a course to manifest in this life now.
  • Then throughout this year when you see a candle wavering in solitude lighting an entire room, or a cluster of tea lights in coloured glass lamps elevating the atmosphere or even a blazing fire warming from the hearth – be reminded of your New Moon Intention and your alignment with your Light Expression.
  • Breath of Fire is not as on the imaginal realm as one might think – Intention carries weight when continuously held in the eye of Spirit and Awe.
At the parts of this EM that you begin feeling, let yourself go into the Water of your body as this is where you come into contact with the history of our planet and the databank of knowledge that was never written down but is recorded withIN.
Water carries the memory and is brought to us through this meditation on the medium of breath (Air) and ignited by you, IF you so choose… The potential is here. 
The story of You and of the Earth is not fixed.
As the Heart of the Universe shifts gears, time gets constantly rewritten and shaped by us
Today is a vital opportunity for acceleration of the course of your consciousness.
As you thank the Elements throughout, you are led on a path of unearthing more of your gifts, your intuition heralding deep guidance.
As the quality of your power and multi dimensional reality shifts and carries higher vibration you remember the quality of your own blood and water.
As tides change within and around you, layers are dissolved and come to a place of deep gratitude.
Soon you will remember more about everything that has happened here.
Can you hear the Earth speaking to you within your own being?
Great Spirit flows in for huge levels of assistance with the new moon

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I recommend a glass of water afterwards. Water keeps your prana (life force ) to flow freely.

Note: We have been updating the Earth Medicine Library in the past few weeks. Let me know if any issues.

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Blessings from Avondale,
Helen Holt

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