Beyond Survival


Beyond Survival. Harness Chaos to Unlock Your Most Elevated Potential


Beyond Survival: Harness Chaos to Unlock Your Most Elevated Potential

How do we break the repetitive cycle of conditioned behaviour patterns that often lead to self-sabotage, a spiral of stress and a life of escapism? In Beyond Survival, solicitor, yoga teacher and leader of women’s retreats, Helen Holt, shows that by harnessing the chaos of our stressful routine existence, we can short-circuit our nervous system to accept a new path towards our true potential. This practical and personal read with energy-lifting meditation exercises at the end of each chapter, will demonstrate how you can create the necessary biochemical and mindset adaptations to live an empowered and fully embodied life.

Helen Holt points us towards portals of inspiring, and uniquely heart-centred ways of living that embody the challenging nourishment of being fully awake with the core of our authentic selves.

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