Earth Medicine Meditation – 5-Session pass.


€55 5-class pass for Earth Medicine Meditation with Helen Holt of Avondale Retreat.

The bundle includes one download per week direct to your phone – Every Monday- (5 * Mondays).

When something shakes us to the core, we can startle initially and then we slowly settle back into old patterns or deeply held wounds in the body. We begin to long for different , more “normal” days and drop back into old habits to carry us over while all the intentions we have slowly fade to the background of our hanging in there.
This is the perfect time to tend our earth, to till the soil around those seeds we planted back at the start of the year.

So this year , moving into a powerful energy of 2020 , start of a new and meaningful decade where we humans begin to communicate in an entirely new way with new ways of exchanging energy and lighting up our own electromagnetic fields, we are given this opportunity to dive deep into our inner wells of resources, trust our innate powers and bodily expansion potential and Inherent intelligence of the body.

You will be guided through ancient embodiment practices that the body is fully intricately aware of already and begin to apply them throughout your days. You will guided through immense relaxation making space in your body like you may never have experienced before with real tools as to how you can continue this well past the month of march in your daily life.

We get to reshape our focus and orient ourselves back to observing our inner well of beauty and possibility and actually rejoice in the fabulousness of our own true self.

There will be interactive support for the group that forms with contact where needed for forging your path beyond march 2020.
The eclipse we are currently drinking in is an ascension portal and there is a perfect alignment as to this offering reaching out and has come to us now in this very moment.

It’s only 55 euro to enrol for receiving the guided words and Meditations once a week for 5 Mondays for the month of March , with the added support and contact throughout the month where needed.



€55 Five-session pass for Online Meditation with Helen Holt of Avondale Retreat.

Join Helen for a 5 classes of online meditation to get your theta brainwaves firing and fan your creative and spiritual flame. I Create Me.