Earth Medicine Meditation – Monthly Subscription

25.00 / month

In the Earth Medicine Meditations you will learn a radical approach to meditation that can genuinely open you to the phenomenon of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

The insight, beauty and depth of practice that Helen shares will blow your heart open, vibrate right through your sacral chakra and into the emanation of a super empowered heart centred path. She shares each week a new and groundbreaking earth medicine that is a revolutionary open hearted way of meditating and can lead to lasting transformation. The comprehensive program and deep practices provide you with spiritual sustenance for years to come.

The weekly Earth Medicine Meditation series are delivered directly to your inbox every Monday or via the Podbean app. Once received, you can listen repeatedly, at your leisure and when the time suits you, to fully absorb them.

In addition, they are 60% reduced at the moment (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY) – down from 55 euro to 25 euro, for the entire month which works out at just a few euro to receive these words every single week.

“Super Helen, these meditations always come at the right moment in time. Love it”

These last few weeks have been some of the most powerful times for igniting an upgrade of our systems.

The feedback from the Earth Medicine work that I quote below shows you just how profoundly these are moving through us right now.

The time has never been better to dive into undoing old programming and conditioning that has been holding you back up until now.
I have been offering online work for some years now and I started the Matronix programme online for women 5 years ago, which fuelled and catalysed so many into action in their own lives, making way for women finding their voice, unique creative spirit and for working in freedom and harmony with our own needs.

In my own life, I found that living in the past or believing there was only one path or particular way for me, kept me stuck for a long time, before I began to live in freedom rather than daily drudge.

The Earth Medicine Meditations are now available (For a short time only) at just 25 euro a month. You get to access them, at any time, all the time, as many times as you need to listen.

You are provided with the opportunity to drop further into practice, with an experienced guide, while meeting ourselves and our moments with an openhearted attending to and nourishing feedback loop that is presented in the way these words are formulated for you to process whatever is going on for you.

The more and more truth that comes to light, we realise that are no longer ‘seekers’ of the truth, we are either living in our truth or feeling a sense of lack or yearning for that greater destiny that we know belongs to us.

I have worked with people healing from loss of loved ones, suffering disease, wanting to birth peacefully at home, wanting to become pregnant and each reverberating and resounding feeling of connection and true happiness only ever comes from this deep dive into LOVING WHO WE ARE IN EACH MOMENT.

You get to experience deep transformational work and nourishing earth medicine all from the comfort of your own home, your own safe cocoon to let the work happen.

Together, during these meditation downloads, we have the potential to release the most common barriers we have to stepping forward and making the impact that reflects you true potentials:

  • Old, limiting beliefs, identities that have formed in your subconscious like “I don’t matter, I’m not worthy, I’m invisible”
  • Tensions between living your gifts and sharing them with the world
  • Lack of clarity about what your unique purpose here on earth is all about
  • Stuck in old patterns of tension or fear or survival
  • Any fear, and especially of stepping up and stepping out into visibility
  • Not being able to see a clear enough vision for the future to be able to create it


“Helen I simply cannot describe in words what these meditations are doing for my life. You have a gift. I am so fired up by life right now. It feels like so much is becoming clearer. Thank you, thank you”

“These words are incredible. I dont know how you do it.'”

“I have more clarity and self worship than ever before. I look forward to the new recording so much every week.”

Can you imagine what it feels like

  • To Tap into the source of deep creativity within you so you are creating life from a field of flow and inspiration.
  • Release any feelings of not being worthy or being unsupported by life.
  • Be able to forgive and love yourself exactly as you are.
  • Gain the courage to be visible, and the confidence to pursue your dreams.
  • Follow through with your desired practices of meditation, self-love and self-care you need to feel well, centered, and able to access your deep resourcefulness.


“This meditation was uncannily, scarily perfect. I feel things aligning for me in the most peculiar ways. I want to listen to these beautiful words every day.”

“I feel connected to myself and something greater. The deeper changes in my body surprised me and I have never slept so well since I started your meditations.”

I really want to make this Earth Medicine available to as many of you in our community as possible and so have reduced the meditations cost to just €25 per month, REDUCED BY 60%
with a new meditation released every Monday.

This is the kind of deeper access to power that will connect you to your value and worth, connect you to your inner wisdom, and show you how to tap into the support that surrounds you.

Through creating authentic success in my own life, and then hundreds of women to manifest their heart’s desires and ignite their soul’s potential, I’ve discovered there’s a very unique way of meditating that works for self-actualizing people.

When you tune in every Monday, you gain access mindset shifts, practices and tools that will enable you to create the authentic success and release of old hurt that you truly deserve with ease, flow, inspiration and support.

The secret to moving beyond a paradigm of lack into the direct recognition of unconditional Fullness and inherent Freedom is here and now.

You’ll learn how to tap into the limitless energy and creativity of the “evolutionary self,” meet the essential challenge of evolving beyond ego, and become the human you’ve longed to be—and the world needs you to be.

Very excited to welcome you!!

If you are already subscribed there is a new one in your inbox and uploaded to podbean right now!

With love




€25/per month for Online Meditation with Helen Holt of Avondale Retreat.

Join Helen for her Earth Medicine online meditation series to get your theta brainwaves firing and catalyze your creative and spiritual flame. New meditation released to the group every Monday.

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