Poco, our spirit animal

For the last week, we have had a little wild and wonderful baby rabbit move in under our decking just outside the kitchen. He appears several times a day. Watchful, alert, calculated, and calm. We have named him Poco.

Poco munches on our purple sprouting broccoli that has gone to seed and the dock leaves. I am protecting our peas and lettuces so that he doesn’t get a chance to cast his big black eyes on our recently planted batch! He has grown significantly in a short space of time and we like to say hello to him as he comes and goes each day. Munching, sitting on his hind legs, happily paying attention and yet not knowing that we are watching him from the kitchen window…

David’s grandmother passed away last week and a little wren flew in our window and we let him gently out the bedroom window. We then got ready for the wake. We said goodbye in those moments, together, in gratitude to the bird that happily flew high up and away.

It got me thinking about what Poco has also come to say. Sometimes the messages are clear. I always thought rabbits were very social animals, living in burrows together, stroking each other and looking out for one another. They normally live together in a city of underground tunnels called a warren. But this little wild one, with a soulful look in her eyes, has definitely come to hang out just with us and make out early home life here.  She is alone. We dont disturb her as she eats and sits in the raised bed to look around with big eyes, ready to dash out and kick her long big hind legs out.

And I wonder what I am ready to dash from? What is ready to lead me down a rabbit hole I am totally unfamiliar with? Am I to lose the ground beneath my feet? Am I afraid of this? Or will I go into another world where my subconscious lies and be forever changed?

The usual symbolism associated with rabbits relates to fear, fertility, luck, the desire to go with a vegetarian diet, and abundance. I could relate all of these to myself but if I go deeper I realise there are many stories involving rabbits that can teach me. Am I willing to accept the danger out there, or is it only within me?

Poco’s highly sensitive nature is encouraging to me. She feels and sees her surroundings and runs under our decking for safety. But we do not intend to harm her. We will not throw her out like the Velveteen Rabbit if she gets old and scraggy. She is a gift. (although a hungry one!)

She reminds me to embrace the sacred portal of my yoni. The divine powerful feminine that exists within and will be the opening for new life. I am prepared for the sacred event, like the rabbit, ready when required to protect myself and retreat into the burrow for safety and privacy and protection and from there birth from within.


  1. Catriona Holt

    Calvin needs to meet Poco 🙂 Love this post. Poco is leading you on your new journey to parenthood..

    • avondaleretreat

      Thanks Catriona! Poco changed his home after I wrote the post, he has moved a little bit further away to the very bottom part of the garden. Seems he saw we were sharing the vegetables and left us to it. We know he’s still around but in a way its good he is leaving all the veg to us! He had a good feed of the chives before he headed on. Trimmed them right back for us. 😉 Bring Calvin round at the weekend and we can go out and find him.

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