Phoenix way

It has been a long road… well a full year since we first bought our Phoenix House and today we made some great headway. There is a huge vista of thick woodland, hills and the valley to be viewed from the back bedrooms and there were many weeds growing big, wild and bold at that part of the garden. (Some of them quite useful but also obstructive so I do not fear for their return, eg elderberry and blackberries).

With two huge strong men, David and myself working all morning we managed to shift a great load of the overgrown entanglements to reveal the beauty beyond.

David varnished a gorgeous dresser which was an old oak set of drawers that my uncle Eddie very kindly donated to us. Eddie is an artist and has been helping decorate our Avondale retreat. He has found some great things at auctions and around the place and given them to us as house warming gifts and this month a birthday gift before he returns to Brazil.

I lifted in lots of the bamboo flooring which will eventually be for our yoga and coaching space. We cannot wait! It has to acclimatize to the room now and breathe in there for a week or two first, so that it will stay in place nicely and won’t start to strangely expand in case it soaks up lots of exhales from the air.

entrance to glendalough house annamoefeet walk trees

After running round all morning, we took a trip to the most serene place around – Glendalough house for a session with beautiful Elena at soul in hands. We are so lucky this is on our doorstep. Here are some photos of our trip out.
When we got home a few hours later, energized and buzzing we went to St Michael’s well, dipped our hands, ran to the forest and down past Avonmore river and up through Ballygannon woods to be greeted by a sleeping horse and ponies dozing around the edge of the fields.
I just made banana ice cream and we are sitting cosy by the fire reading and writing the evening away.



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