Peaches and Cream

I woke up this morning as if I had wind in my hair and a paintbrush in my hand and I was standing on top of a mountain, ready to paint in broad-stroke my whole life. Strange way to wake up I know. I quickly made myself a warm lemon water, abandoned it and went straight to ‘the yoga room’. I opened the windows wide and breathed in deeply, the air of the valley below, it blew straight onto my face, funnily enough.

smothie prepI did a few fast paced asanas, jumping around and waking my body up and then I lay on my back. I wriggled my legs around with my torso, head and neck on the ground. It felt goood. I decided to press my legs into lotus and played around with it. I was enjoying myself when next thing I knew after some rubbing of feet on inner thigh that it was slipping into place all by itself. I got into my headstand and sure enough I did it again. So strange the intelligence my legs had taken on, a new level all by themselves, with no pushing, shoving or even willing involved.

David had not yet left for work so I called him in and showed him. He was happy for me, he muttered a wow and got on with his readying himself for off. The funny thing is I didn’t want his praise, I just wanted someone to show what little bit of magic had happened somehow overnight.mmmm

The moral of this post being although we can ‘will what we want’ quite often, it is sometimes without forcing things that they arrive on our doorsteps. I woke up today feeling breezy and I blew into a new pose quite easily.

I guess the more we let go of the outcome, the more can be accomplished in the progression.I then made myself and Dave a huge smoothie (our kind of coffee!) to start the day in style. Peaches and Cream I call it. Voila: 5 bananas, 2 big juicy peaches, 4 cups of water, 5 grapes… gulp.

Plant some mulberries on top and a dusting of coco strips.

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