Peace in green

Past the thought of the weekend lies the thought of a pursuit to cleanse the body and the mind.

Often for me it’s in the form of seeking out green or a stream or a river lined with big oak trees that hang over the edge in a weaving in of connection. Nature. It’s everescent eternal illuminating quality always draws me in.

We don’t have to climb the spinc or run up a hill to feel the benefits of fresh air, sunshine on our face and the breeze and ease with which we can collapse into the remembrance that we are all IN nature, all of the time. Simply, we are part of that larger cosmos that deep heaving sighing wind that whisks you around some times and puts you back on the ground.

I love walking silently on the earth, feeling its pulsing power beneath me as we merge into the silence. The Avonmore river on the jubilee loop brings a renewed wellness every time I see it’s flow.

If pure peace and equanimity are calling me I will go there and sit on the stones and gasp at the unique moments I can conjure up time and again in her presence.

I urge you seek out the green. You deserve your presence.

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