Our Berlin feast and tips for Christmas travels

If you cannot Howl, you cannot find your pack!

All my howling about veganism in the last article made my mother-in-law think I was going to take anyone to court that murders animals! But for me the crux of it is I feel better when eating plant-food.

We went to Berlin last week and boy were we in for a vegan treat special! We will certainly be back.

We first tried LET IT BE, a super cute little creperie on the east side. It had such a wonderful ambiance and the guy there was super helpful and friendly. We enjoyed two “Thom Yorke” burgers and I supped on a delicious fresh mint and ginger tea. We had crepes of course and they were also good.

After chatting to the owner he told us to try VIASKO which we did two nights later with our buddies. (non vegans and they loved it too) It was a down to earth spot. I had the spag bol which I rarely make at home, followed by a really good selection of desserts. Hands down the tiramisu was just the most awesome. I would highly recommend it.

My friend, a well travelled dancer and yogini, advised that we hit goodies @ Veganz (right beside a vegan shoe shop) and that also did not disappoint. We stocked up on heaps of handmade chocolate and fudge for Christmas day. We never usually have this kind of stuff in the house but just in case we felt like indulging we loaded up. And also because this will be very expensive in Ireland and hard enough to come by. Unless you spend heaps of time in health food stores, (which I do anyway) and watch as I tot up heaps of money on shopping items. I don’t let the prices in health shops bother me, I think this will change as demand increases. I also look on it as shopping for medicine. I would rather be in nourish or down to earth spending cash than in the pharmacy. What makes me feel good sometimes costs a little bit extra but at least the organic blackstrap molasses and the mulberries are more like shopping at a ‘farmacy’.

I cant extol the cafes in Berlin enough. It is one of the reasons we definitely plan to return. Another fabulous one is Daruma. So wholesome I just wanted to reach inside and say you’re welcome to my super satisfied stomach after a big bowl of quiona and rocket salad.

Berlin was a cool mix of old and new, groovy and outdated, sexy and sour, real and far out, dirty and spotless. But it was really the stark contrasts that I loved. We went to the top of the Dome and looked out over the entire city on our last night and I took it all in from a height, the Reichstag, the tower, the wall, the depth of despair and the goddess of peace. It blew me away. Then we went to KOPPS where we were in for the treat of the holiday and felt super spoiled with the effort that went into their dishes. Really. Wow. I had never tasted anything quite like it. The dumplings were amazing, there were traditional German dishes with a twist and really individual. If you have a few extra quid and fancy a treat and find yourself revelling in vegan Berlin go there!

I just wish that Ireland would expand vegan wise and I would love to see more little cafes with raw vegan desserts or places like Staples in Temple Bar that don’t make a big deal out of serving shredded celeriac and delicious balls of ‘meaty’ falafel goodness. Of course I love cornucopia and go there often. I still think the vibe in Dublin could be much groovier if more vegan places cropped up and I am sure before too long it will happen. 🙂

Thats all on Berlin for now – keep howling and scowling vegan tribes.

Travel Tips to love this Christmas time

Some of us will make a journey to be with loved ones this Christmas and whether that is a train ride, a car ride for a few hours or a flight there are a few things that can assist us to stay healthy and happy in transit. We might also be heading off for a weekend city break or for new years. Whatever your plans think about how you can stay healthy and happy by using these tips.


Be prepared – have plenty of snacks in your bag – dates, raisins, apples, goji berries, flapjack bars to the ready. Make sure to stay hydrated especially if flying. Buy a bottle of water if you didn’t bring a flask, it will soon be guzzled down and you will feel better for it. Double this with a juicy apple and you will be feeling right as rain until you arrive.


If you land somewhere and fancy a bite to eat use Happy Cow to find a nice vegan place.


Unless you know the place well download TripAdvisor to your phone – you won’t need the internet once it is already downloaded and can use maps and find great restaurants that are close by for ideas. In Berlin this came in super handy!


Exercise some self-discipline. When you reach your destination, it is tempting to immediately catch up with loved ones and get actively involved in whatever is going on. This is great and will serve you for a while. However, remember that you have been travelling, your body needs to unwind from any stress caused to it. You can still be polite and happy to see everyone while also choosing to run a bath or take ten minutes out to do some light stretching or legs up the wall (viparita karani) and then return refreshed to join in the fun with family and friends. We get easily depleted when we don’t stop and acknowledge what our bodies and mind need after travelling, just 10 minutes can make a huge difference to how the rest of your welcome home evening will go. 🙂


Being accountable for how your holiday season goes takes some intention. If you are overwhelmed when travelling and on the go all the time, indulge yourself with a ly-in. Dont feel you must take part in everything. Let go of the need to stay up all night and drink alcohol. Your body will thank you for it.

Remember the magic of your childhood and being part of the mystical experience of santa and family and stockings on the fire. Rather than feeling we must make a show and put on a big feast with lots of presents concentrate on the magic in the air, the lights in your town, the warm family feeling, the little bit of softness and warmth that comes with sharing time together and rejoice in memories and snuggle in to the festive welcome.

For our festive food I will definitely be making home made mince pies from Deliciously Ella. I will be making sweet potato casserole from Oh She Glows. The rest is a secret santa surprise for those coming to our house on Christmas day! 🙂

Happy holidays! xx


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