One Stone

Above the wetlands,

a seagull, skull-forward, dives.

Skimming by sea-life. Pausing.

Eyes ringed from the peninsula.


Mermaid-like child, watches upwards,

from under the ocean,

pebbles, stones, making land.


The sound of curved wings against the wind,

Lifted, fom your loving position.


A kiss trembles on your tongue.

Lighting fires. Holding hands.

Driftwood. Sought by swoopers,

Keen and nifty.


Like a suitor, growing goosebumps.

As she was lifted, higher and higher.


Your keen gaze along seaweed glistening.

A couple walk slowly on the sand.

A secret silence of a thousand words.


In the air. Just drifting.

Only the bird dares to listen.

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