Five ways to Happiness: Step One

 It’s a New Year…

 Every day offers a new chance to start afresh, to reconsider our direction,  to change our perspectives, to overcome our challenges. I don’t really do new years resolutions for that reason. We change and grow every moment of every day with every choice we make…no matter what time of year.

But as 2015 rolls by, the beginning  of a new year is as good a time as any to reflect and regroup and reassert our focus.

I am so grateful for all the support and guidance from the Universe last year, all the voices that gave me strength , the women that told me to trust in my body, to birth at home, to trust my gut and host a magical Retreat, to love unconditionally, to watch each day unfold and trust my inner knowing in what I eat and drink and to explore everything that nourishes me on a spiritual plane (especially nature and a newborn babe).

The Universe and ancestrally linked energies feed me, nourish my soul and heal me.
The best gifts landed here this past  year.
I am so grateful for all the opportunities, the love, the connections, the open hearts, the kindness, respect, safety, the clear minds and the energetic spirits that were welcomed here.

This life path being forged is one spectacular show, one we never cease to commit to, to revere, to appreciate and to embrace.

This coming year I vow to become involved in my own connections and to get to know those that vibrate at the frequency I am asking to be at.

I wish for mind-blowing books, raw truths, openness and special personalities, wise wild beings to flow freely into our lives.

> > Avondale Retreat will welcome keen souls, to guide us on our soul paths.

> I ask for 2016 to be filled with peace, abundance, dance, laughter, liberation, truth and basking in each others true light.

> > May you experience the truth of your divine being this year.

Dont forget, You are the driver of your own life. Try keeping a journal this year. I plan on writing at least three things every day that I am grateful for. Encompassing little moments of mindfulness into my day and speaking and acting from my heart.

Ask the important questions:

At the same time as being the chief creator of my own life I am asking myself regularly to listen to what my body is telling me?
Where is my life pointing?
Does it call for a change in direction?
If I continue saying yes to something will it nourish me?
What is my life asking for more of?
And how is that achievable?


I know I sound like a broken record when I say this but one sure way to Be happier in your life is by Meditating daily.

This website will publish a list of 5 ways to becoming a happier you over the coming weeks.

Number One on the list for 2016 and 2017 and beyond is Meditation.

The impact Meditation has had on my own life and the lives of others that I know is immeasurable and often quite immediate. Meditation is linked with an increase in positivity and insight.

Start by sitting for even 2 to 3 minutes a day in a quiet space, alone watching the breath go in and out. I assure you the mind will soon start to declutter and make way for more positive, creative thoughts to come in. Just stop all that you are doing, the various millions of tasks playing on your mind, recalibrate and simply watch the breath coming and going.

Do this for a week, 7 full days and check back in for the second practice to increase happiness and healthy mind this year. Lets start listening,deeply, to what your self care needs are. Like dusk to dark, like daylight to night, this will continue to evolve and morph into exactly what you need in the present moment, because meditation helps us become aware of all that we need, in that moment.

Do please let me know how you find meditation if you have ever done it before in the comments below. It can benefit everyone to hear the experience of others. Thank you.

Also can you guess what the next practice might be?! (Hints are in the words above)

With love, always

Picture taken today by me, 5th January 2016 from my office window.

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