Morning Whispers

Dreaming of foxgloves blowing in the wind. Watching the sun rise. Pink fluffy clouds rise like angel dust and sprinkle the morning dew with their light.

This kind of morning, so fucking brilliant. Thawing our heartbeats in the rays.

The reality that nature gifts us touches the string of muscle and strength of our bones. Sets our lives in moments of crystal and stone.

Nestling into these summer days. Taking our time.

Accepting gracefully the divine moment, saying fuck it I will eat crunchy granola and sit and watch the clouds… just because it is so beautiful.

Is this not everything? Does this not connect us all? This one beating heart, this one sky above us?

Watching the steady rise of plants from seed.

Picking strawberries, admiring their leaves.

Healing ourselves with nettle and teas. Surely this is the lesson.

My swelling belly, at ease.

The earth offers us all we need.

All we need.

Because you give and give. Earth heals.

An unknown destination became all that we are. A little resolution brought us joy and fulfillment. To know ourselves, we had to come here. To solitude, to emptiness, to silent forests, to tall eucalyptus trees, to lush mountain greens. Here we were meant to land.

Here we give ourselves in return.

I knew not nature like this before. I never held a tree to my beating belly before.

I only passed through.

Now I think maybe the tree is me. Now I know we grow roots in places we were meant to be.

Raspberry leaf tea, strawberries for meals.

Distant dreamer, you were worth every nightmare

to get to this space.


We have come to embrace

the entirety of the universe.

A dreamt resolution;

I would re-make

over and over again.


  1. Annasbreath

    I enjoy your website very much… The spirit behind your words is so exquisite, so lovely. Thank you for sharing your sweet self with us!

    Light and gratitude to you,

    • avondaleretreat

      Thank you so much Anna! That means a lot to me and encourages me to keep sharing.
      I love your art. Your mandala drawings are just amazing.

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