Matronix – ignite your inner fire -coming this September ’18

It is often said that when women come together, something transformative occurs. We re-establish our connective, creative, originating, all knowing wisdom, that lies within and establish an unshakeable trust in our inherent worthiness to succeed across all areas of our life.

If this sounds abstract or wishy washy to you, then that is perfect – it is only so far that words alone can bring us.

It IS hard to fathom the powers of creation that women actually possess.  For some examples, think about the pregnancy and birthing process? A miraculous feat? Divine inner power. Something we create from nothing.

Then Motherhood. An intense time when we are picking up the soul fragments, our emptiness after being so full, though now forever threaded to another being.

As mothers and women we have acted as a vessel for the unseen, a messenger, reproducer of the unknown, giving it life force. If we are to create – we listen first to what is inside. If we are to birth at home, naturally with our inner guides we must initially revere our own subtle essence.

Women, we are indeed weavers of magic.

We can sustain a newborn for a full six months (sometimes longer) of their life with our own milk, produced from our Bodies. Another miracle? Women have always held the key to reproduction,creation, life energies, sustenance, survival.

This has not changed!

The difference now is that we are at a point in history where we can utilise this energy in so many other realms and function at our highest most creative intuitive phase, beyond survival and into pure presence, gifting others with this evolution to living a wildly inspired and fulfilled life.
You set this in train –

When suddenly you realise you wish to run a business, work for yourself, accomplish something big, give heart to new earthly desires that you cannot yet name…

we require a deep level self-incarnation… this is what we are doing in September – calling forth a deeper self-acceptance and a deeper recognition of our inherent worth.

This integrative yoga course, accompanied with meditation touches the ongoing processes of what we will be excavating. The feminine story is a collective one, one where we consistently perceive ourselves as lesser than. When we put out our true selves we are afraid of being too much, or not enough. Trauma lives deep within the body.

There is an excavation process. A pulsing release. Women remind other women of their ability to heal, to discover, to learn, to grow, to cry, to be free. By providing conditions where this is possible, we come together.

You cannot become yourself by Yourself. We work together. We sit together. Sit with this. It is Big work. We are being called to metabolize and to create.

To join forces, to unite as women and work up to our true strengths, to support this recalibration and succession navigation framework. Women work medicine. They repair, make whole and make change from the inside out. This is what we bring. Birthing a New Earth at Avondale. The land and women are coming together.

In our four week course we will work together to(inter alia)

  • Reveal repeated Patterns of Behaviour that create our Reality;

  • Feel and perceive your nervous system and its subtelies;

  • Make lasting Change to our daily lives;

  • Take unprecedented Power to graduate beyond the patterns of your past, no matter how deeply ingrained they’ve been;

  • Use Powers of Mindfulness – practising together – how intentionality shifts the power;

  • Integrate and assimilate the gifts of masculine power we’ve learned along the way;

  • How to live on the ever-emerging edge of  Creative Possibility;

  • Awaken your creative life force energetic field;

  • Shift home life into dream living, carving at time to yourself and being in a state of connection with those you love.

  • Experience belonging and confidence to tune into natural forces;

  • Let go, shift old ways of being and restore;

  •  Honour and be fully present throughout any transformation;

  •  Step out of our normative patterns of disconnect;

  • Gather in Ceremony and learn how life is happening through you rather than to you;

  • Become the Agent of your own life;

  • Harness healthy aggression and set boundaries;

  • Manifest the support required to create from your true self.

If you would like more information on joining and co-creating on this course, please email as soon as possible to register.

We look forward to joining forces.

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