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“We, humans I mean, are like goldfish, expanding to the stimuli that border the confines of our imagination. To expand our humanity, we must decide to shift these borders by surrounding ourselves with those who appreciate our growth and encourage our creative spark.”

                David Holt

I encourage everyone to write down 20 things you hope to achieve in the next 5 years. Yes – make your goals huge, far beyond your wildest dreams and write them down. Then scrap at least 15 of them and focus, focus, focus on the top 5. We did this. I think it worked. It was Warren Buffet who suggested something similar recently. Have those big ideas, life plans, and outrageous goals and repeat them to yourself at least once a day. I am firm believer in the magic of this method.

However, changing how we live boils down to our daily lives, and whether or not we are willing to accept the hum drum or seek to change it. This is really the key to success and ultimately greater happiness.

Yes we talk about lofty goals around here all the time, high stakes, getting fit, getting rich, etc. But drawing ourselves into the present moment – accepting What Is – is definitely the first step.

Sample choice: I get up at 8am every day, shower, grab a quick breakfast and do my best to get in the door to work for 9.05am. I stare at a computer for a few hours, hoping to motivate myself and do something productive for the company, I have an un-meaningful chat with some co-workers and have a cup of tea/coffee for 11am break time.

If this is something like your regular routine and all you think about is how nice it would be not to be stuck in a rut, in an office away from your loved ones for long stretches, or if your job/way of life is utterly routine then setting big life goals is really pointless.

I’m not saying not to think about some massive changes you want to make in your life. I am advocating and I know I have said it before – small steps of change in mind-set and daily activity.

Sample change: I will get up at 7.45am every day starting from tomorrow and lay down and do a body scan, tune in, do some meditation, some yoga stretches, 10 sit ups, whatever – but essentially delve into the body in the present. I will change my normal route to work. I will have goji berries tomorrow at tea break instead of coffee. I will make a point of discussing something meaningful or enlightening with a co-worker.

These are not unachievable goals that will leave us disappointed and asking why our lives remain the same. Nor are they far off in the future. These are not daunting tasks to be undertaken but baby steps that CAN be accomplished.

Baby Bounce Back Challenge

I’ve learned this more than ever recently by taking a 30 day yoga challenge – committing to an appointed yoga pose every day. This means taking the time to warm up of course  especially when the pose involves back bending or forward bending. It is an Instagram challenge and the group of participants post a picture doing new assigned pose each day – in this way there is no cheating – you do the designated pose, at least one a day.

We are on day 15 now and after completing 2 weeks of commitment to this small change, ensuring that I do yoga every day, I feel it has made a big difference to returning to ‘regular’ life after having a baby. It not only involves all the beautiful benefits that yoga brings (see next post on this!) but it gives time to myself outside of all the new tasks I currently have as a new mother.

The next thing we absolutely must do if we want our daily lives to improve and begin to achieve our goals is to start spending more time with people that are on our wavelength, choosing to live as we want to live (even if we are not there yet…. especially if we are not there yet!)

You might be doing a great job eating goji berries, doing yoga, having a mindful life for example but if your friends and even your family want to eat burgers and chips and drink beer all weekend, then it’s time to look around and seek out those that are also exercising your stream of consciousness. Even if it is just a handful of people that beam love and light, then so be it – – drift to those that you will be able to love.

As Anne Enright said in ‘The Gathering’:

“There are so few people given to us to love. I want to tell my daughters this, that each time you fall in love it is important, even at nineteen. Especially at nineteen. And if you can, at nineteen, count the people you love on one hand, you will not, at forty, have run out of fingers on the other. There are so few people given to us to love and they all stick.”

I don’t just mean romantically, I mean spiritually and authentically and in the here and now there are not millions of people that you will truly love. There are but a few that you will have a deep connection with. Be grateful for these sacred souls. And keep seeking the others that beam purity and light and know that the universe is a place to play in, not a place to suffer in. We can, each of us, take part in Lila and embrace this divine play by joining with one another. Dance, do yoga challenges and eat goji berries* 🙂

*Please note you don’t have to eat a single goji berry to be happy.

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