March 2020 Meditation

Over this series of 5 meditations, you will learn to re-establish your connection with your inner knowing, your intuition so that your life may become better served by the innate intelligence at the core of your being. Reshape your focus and orient yourself back to observing your inner well of beauty and possibility while you rejoice in the fabulousness of our own true self.

Our Invitation

At Avondale Retreat, we help individuals and teams ignite creativity and host transformative experiences by providing a magnificent space for group retreats. We look forward to hosting you.

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Beautiful Location in Wicklow

Our wonderfully spacious retreat is immersed in nature, surrounded by beautiful woodland walks, the gorgeous Avonmore River, just an hour from Dublin and a short drive from stunning Glendalough.

Immersive Retreat Space

A gorgeous indoor studio, a larger geodesic dome with stove outdoors and very spacious chill-out rooms throughout the retreat centre will give your theta brainwaves their required breathing space.

Classes For Individual Empowerment

We are working to grow a community of empowered individuals through regular yoga and meditation classes. These classes can be booked through the Avondale Retreat booking portal.

Hosting Incredible Life-Changing Retreats

From yoga and art therapy to creative writing, meditation and personal development, Avondale Retreat works with inspired teachers to continually hosts amazing events and retreats for all experience levels.

"May you live every day of your life." - Jonathan Swift