First step to creative inspiration

I don’t always think long term. I am not a big life planner with far off goals. I prefer to take immediate action, knowing that the steps I take today are the ones that lead to change over time and also to leading the life that I ultimately want to live. Putting things on the long finger just doesn’t work for me.

We can set actions for today, say this evening or tomorrow morning. For example I want to relax my body and mind, be less stressed, and live more in the present moment. As soon as I feel like I am not, I decide to download a transformation webinar or an online meditation.

I always have my own quiet space and then there are times when I need someone or something like music to encourage and guide me inwards. What is needed will present itself if we really allow ourselves to listen inwards and not be afraid.
It is difficult to listen in and hear, ‘you need to take a few weeks off, you need to stop doing everything, you need to go on a cleanse, you need alone time,’ because it means putting off all the things we are ‘supposed’ to be doing, like working, minding everyone else. It interrupts all the apparently necessary ‘doing’.

You have to give in to the truth of what your mind and your body are asking for and MAKE it happen. Even if that means deciding that from 6pm tonight you will sit down alone, just ‘be’ and write in a journal and refuse to watch TV or whatever you normally do that takes up your time at night. That is the first step.

If you don’t know how to go about taking the first steps and actions, talk to someone who has done it before. Seek out a person in the world that lives the life you want, who spends half the year living in Brazil and half the year in Ireland. Talk to the teacher that works for 6 weeks, and then takes 2 weeks off. Find the person that does not often get caught up in life’s stresses and ask them how they do it. Trust me they will not mind sharing and most likely their answers will be simpler than you think.

It is impossible to be creative if you are always moving on to the next moment, and setting goals. Being alone in the here and now, experiencing solitude is the first essential.

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~Rollo May

If it makes you feel out of your comfort zone that’s okay for now, you will reap the rewards. Take the step today.

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