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Veronica Larsson


Veronica Larsson
Avondale Retreat


Avondale Retreat
Avondale Retreat, Laragh Road, Rathdrum, Wicklow


Nov 30 2019 - Dec 01 2019


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Sacred Female Power

Those of you that have come to these gatherings so far; thank you for your presence, honesty and courage. For those of you that are coming; you are in for a special TREAT. It’s such a glorious thing: to get to Just Be Yourself and be fully supported, let it all just hang out, or not; release, feel, be at peace or rage, all in a super safe, real, and non-dogmatic space. No concepts, just complete freedom, in your body.  What it does to the nervous system, to our entire being and relating to others, is so far beyond what we can possibly get to by way of any learned technique.. Instead, our innate Intelligent Function gets to move when its time, not before, and not after..   We get to witness and feel ourself, fully. At these weekends, when POWER, our NATURE, is ready to move, IT MOVES US. We don’t need to know anything, figure anything out, push, or try to become… Holding back won’t work either..  We simply assemble together and listen very closely to what is really wanting to happen from the depths within. Open and present in the mystery. In our beautiful intelligent bodies. Souls embodied, speaking their truth. Powerful. And easier than we believe! No complicated concepts. Ah!
This next one is good timing to get grounded and energetically empowered before the ‘season’.
I look forward to being of assistance to you in navigating large amounts of power in your body and life, that can keep you healthy and happy in your body and life. Hope you can make it, it’ll be amazing, as always.
Saturday November 30th to Sunday December 1st. An overnight accommodation in Avondale retreat; includes dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Our sessions will be Sat 2pm – 5pm & 8pm – 10pm and 9.30am – 12noon & 1.30pm – 4pm Exchange is €185.-
Email me to book, or register your interest for future events, at

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