Return to the Elements – Womens Retreat – 7th – 8th March – Avondale Retreat Return to the Elements – Womens Retreat – 7th – 8th March – Avondale Retreat

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Avondale Retreat


Avondale Retreat
Avondale Retreat, Laragh Road, Rathdrum, Wicklow


Mar 07 2020 - Mar 08 2020


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Return to the Elements – Womens Retreat – 7th – 8th March

Return to the Elements Womens Retreat 

Earth. Fire. Wind. Water


Come connect to all four of the essential elements of life through a mindfully crafted weekend of movement and exploration.


The weekend will involve connecting to all four of the earth elements through Yoga, Meditation, Song and Sound, Fire Circles, Sea Swims, Forest Power, delicious healthy food and inspiring scenery and atmosphere.


A beautiful opportunity to slow down and take time out to receive, explore and embrace, in incredible surroundings.


“She remembered who she was and the game changed” Lalah Delia


Earth – the grounding element. We will reignite our connection to the earth element through Yoga, meditation, time in nature and good soulful food. Think plants, trees, outdoor space, bare feet and soaking up the lumps, bumps and imperfections of the ground underneath you.  Accepting them just as they are. We will carve our intentions around what this element is calling for.


Fire – We will be calling on the light to guide us through ceremony. We will be igniting our sacral chakra through an invigorating but accessible yoga practice. We will dance with grandfather fire in the evening with a community fire pit and then giving the fire our self-limiting beliefs to carry away on the wind.


Wind – The air is all around us, in fact the breath is what our Prana, our life force, our energy rides on. The wind/air element will be incorporated throughout the weekend through smoke ceremony, pranayama, sound healing and in the elements we step out into.


Water – we will be calling on the healing powers of the water element. We will begin the second day with a cleansing water ceremony. We will continue to wash our cell tissue with this cleansing element through our yoga practice. We will ride our intent throughout the weekend as we would ride the crest of a wave knowing that we are fully supported by spirit to weather any storm.


Weekend schedule: 

Saturday:          Opening Ceremony, Yoga practice

Lunch, Sound Session, Dinner and Fire ceremony

Sunday:            Water ceremony, Yoga practice

Lunch, Forest Walk, Healing Meditation, Closing Ceremony


Meals provided:

Saturday:          Lunch, dinner and snacks

Sunday:            Breakfast, Lunch and snacks


Your hosts:


The Divine Collective are curators of soulful events and retreats.

Created and lead by Lisa and Gina, they seek out and source creative souls that have something special to offer the world.



Option 1 | €300 Per person – €100 non-refundable deposit to secure your place now and final payment to be made in full by February 7


Option 2 | €270 Early Bird – payment in full by February 7, while places are still available


Limited Spaces Available

Open to all levels and abilities, no previous experience required



For more information or to book in, contact us on

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