Majesty Of Woman Retreat – June 19th – 22nd – Avondale Retreat Majesty Of Woman Retreat – June 19th – 22nd – Avondale Retreat

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Kerry Wilde


Kerry Wilde
Avondale Retreat


Avondale Retreat
Avondale Retreat, Laragh Road, Rathdrum, Wicklow


Jun 19 2020 - Jun 22 2020


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Majesty Of Woman Retreat – June 19th – 22nd

This Women’s retreat will be a sweet, deep and joyous ride! We will create a potent space away to Awaken your senses, Breathe you back to life and Honour the pure Magic of who you are!

It’s 2020, the time is NOW to embrace your full loving self and the Majesty of who you already are.

As we enter 2020 many astrologers and seers are marking the Solstice as one of the most powerful cosmic events of the year. While we are together the light activation on Saturday 20th will bring much illumination and expansion to our journey for the rest of the year and beyond.

Over 3 nights we will journey together, during this Summer Solstice portal, to dance of the Earth, bless the land with our presence and join arm in arm in Sisterhood. Our venue is nestled within the Ancient lush green lands of Ireland, set admist the stunning backdrop of the Wicklow Mountains. Surrounded by the nearby Woodland, we are close to many sacred sites, beaches and have the rich wisdom of the Avonmore River running through.

Each unique woman that hears the call is ready to create more Magnetism, Magic and Majesty in her life for 2020! We will be calling in a unique constellation of ladies all ready to shine their gifts bright!

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