Avondale Womens Circle – Nov 15th – Avondale Retreat Avondale Womens Circle – Nov 15th – Avondale Retreat

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Helen Holt


Helen Holt

Other Organizers

Yesim Flynn
Yesim Flynn
Avondale Retreat


Avondale Retreat
Avondale Retreat, Laragh Road, Rathdrum, Wicklow


Nov 15 2020


All Day


65 - 120

Avondale Womens Circle – Nov 15th

The Avondale Womens Circle, held by Helen Holt, Veronica Larsson, and Yesim Flynn will convene in the Dome at Avondale Retreat Centre.

We are excited to welcome you for a full day out of your “regular life” to bask in nature, spend time with like minded supportive women in the Dome and connect to your waters with awakening rites including, fire and water ceremony, music and movement.

Catalyze your spiritual awakening with this sacred gathering.


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Heal: Through nature-based rituals and respect for the seasonal cycles, we will experience less resistance in our lives, more joy, presence and appreciation for what unfolds for us.

Strengthen Spirituality:  working closely with divine feminine practices, we will release deeper layers of self-doubt and fear, and feel a sense of wholeness, maintaining a fierce belief in our ability to do the self directed work we are being called to do in this world.

Connect:  By allowing ourselves to be held in our circle of heart-centered women, we will work to release any feelings of isolation or separation, and experience the kind of soul healing that can be experienced most thoroughly through supportive sisterhood.

Remember: Our true soul path and reason for being here.

We Move in a way that gives our body and mind freedom to let go and lean into the coming of summer and new brighter beginnings. Through moving together, fire ceremony, nourishing food, water ceremony, we will connect to our center clearing away old energy, inviting in our power and honour our gifts.

With delicious vegan food we will nourish our bodies and minds. Sit with sisters willing to work on themselves with curiosity and love. We will be particularly honouring balance, a strong theme in our dualistic universe, symbolises by light & dark, day & night, active & passive, conscious & unconscious. This will be particularly topical as our circle will be held in a completely round and welcoming space, yet the focus will find the balance between outer & inner, within and without, nature and ourselves as we find her loving embrace herein. It is a time for softly listening in to what is awakening within us and guiding ourselves back to our most powerful, enduring centres that are asking to be truly nourished in this way.

These unique and special circles re-energise us to mark the passings of the wheels of the year and to become aware of the moon’s shades and workings in our lives and cycles that empower us and assist us in connecting to other women who each have great wisdom to share as we assist each other on this journey.

We will also attend a water and fire ritual to intuit our sacred source of inner waters.

Times & Cost:

Arrive any time before 11am.

Circle Opens 11 am.
Circle Closes approx 5.00pm.

Cost for the day : 140.00

Low income or unwaged : 85.00


Please don’t hesitate to contact Helen at avondaleretreat@gmail.com for any further information you may need or if you wish to avail of a lower rate due to any reason, personal finances will never be a barrier to attending this space.

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