helen Holt

Earth Medicine

A radical approach to meditation that will open your heart to the phenomenon of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

Dear Earth Medicine Warriors,
We will utilise the power within our own Waters today to recalibrate and make the space to let the Earth Speak to us.

So much is changing and flowing right now
Feel free to do it in two parts. Receive the instructions in the second half only when feeling ready.
Allow yourself to succumb to rest and relaxation and what is needed to emerge.
Try to do this meditation at least twice this week. You can listen on the grass somewhere or in the forest or near water would be wonderful.
This practice is all about healing, letting go and restoring the Second Chakra, your inner portal to the water.
Watch the video attached several times before listening.
Most of my work is outside of basic chakras but just to give you an idea of how this Earth Medicine is working on all levels of vibrations and in case this resonates.
Location of the Second Chakra– The sacral chakra is located in the abdominal region, directly over the testes in men and ovaries in women.

Colour of the Sacral Chakra– The naval or second chakra is connected to the Etheric body (the subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe). It is associated with the colour Orange.

Organs and functions affected by the sacral chakra– The second chakra impacts all bodily fluids, taste, blood circulation, reproductive functions, large intestine, kidneys and lower back etc.

Element: Water

Influence: Emotions, relationships, pleasure, empathy

Crystal; Amethyst

Enjoy the magic of the moon medicine this evening.

Immensely grateful to all doing this work.

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