helen Holt

Earth Medicine

A radical approach to meditation that will open your heart to the phenomenon of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

Hello Earth Medicine Worker,

Today is a journey into the heart of the changing landscape of our planet.
With this meditation may come the desire to realign your relationship or your location to the language of the planet that is fully immersed in the memory of the Earth and her Waters.

This meditation is a phenomenal opportunity to find your location…your optimal location, regardless of how you feel about where you currently are.
Everything that happens as a result of this meditation is what is meant to be released. If something is recalibrating there is a real actual practical decision about that first.

You may feel each of the emotions will be spontaneous but remember it is a deep purification
Your true power here lies in the purpose of taking healthy control of your source connection and your ability to evolve and take an informed movement with your own spiritual sway in this realm.

Any congestion in the body will be released. Any holding in the body can form a dialogue with the parts of you that are ready for something incredible to happen.

There are many benefits that you may not even see aspecting your divine being as a result of the shamanic and Aphrodite medicine within this meditation. In a state of orchestra with the Earth body, you are upgrading and unlocking states of yourself that have been called to upgrade both physically and in regard to your new frequency as you realign with the light here.

As you are ready to birth New Earth, you can begin to feel the love that you have for the propagation of yourself. You can begin to feel into your experience as a part of the Earth and an alchemy with the practice of your own breath and stillness into a real truth that NO ONE TELLS YOU and that YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TOLD.

The ongoing support and structure of this meditation is guiding you into a deeper space for IMPACT on your spiritual journey as you gradually reopen parts of yourself to the medicine and to radically re-discovering the infinite energy, intelligence and freedom of your own awakened self here.

My heart and soul pour into the pure transformation of this deepening and sustaining miracle of awakening and maintaining states of higher consciousness constantly as new dimensions of this meditation practice are genuinely awakened

As you get to maximise the time you spend in meditation now an ongoing effectiveness is enlivening and supporting you here

If you have further reflections on astral travel or or any of the concepts for evolutionary insights and practices that arise from the extraordinary potential of this practice which calls on on bursting forth into your new trajectory of your own life then please do journal about it it and keep a resource of the the quick and easy way of referencing how your stepping fully into the practices and principles that you are exploring as result of the illuminating powers of meditation.

It starts with YOU.
And depends largely on our relationship to your nervous systems. This is why this meditation also taps into a unique type of NIDRA which allows you to be in the incorporeal at the same time as fully grounded in the body.

This one really comes from a direct connection to nature and your own source connection so please enjoy what the land is gifting today

More to come later in the week in regards to astrological determinations.

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