helen Holt

Earth Medicine

A radical approach to meditation that will open your heart to the phenomenon of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

Dear Sacred Earth Keepers
Hope everyone is well this week.
Well done everyone for getting to this point.
It really feels like a turning point.
Today floats you into
  • LOVE
– moving into what it feels like for UNION between Masculine and Feminine within you.
We are opening up vast expansive means for our self expression and for the mythology of old language to flow in and open us further.
Giving yourself this Love today will really open up your own SACRED EXPRESSION.
One of the reasons I often feel children dont need to be taught is because they can remember. The old language and songs actually already live within them.
It is the same for us.
It is a time ripe for that activation.
This is an oracular ability often thought to only be available to those that practice tarot, that divinate and work in the field of the witch or the oracle or astrologer. However this is now changing, and changing fast, as our skills for transcendence and feeling body becomes more greatly attuned and our innate abilities are accelerating.
If you are already fascinated by the night sky or the morning sunrise, you are an energy worker.
To enhance and refine your psychic sight this metaphysical realm is here for you.
We often believe we need to be tough or antagonistic or strong to break the systems and cycles that try to keep us locked in to the old paradigm but it truly comes down to embodying more softness, more play, more light, more ease.
The testing thing for the powers that be is to come into contact with a human in tune with their innate ability to feel, to process emotions and to dance in the antennae and authenticity.
WE ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for our own energy, to take account of our field, to either paralyse ourselves in fear or expand outwards in hope, generosity and kindness to OURSELVES.
Harnessing this sacred source, starts here, with the quietude, the magnitude of the silence.
Receive today’s Earth Medicine as a special harmonisation and stabilisation of your personal field.
Expect to feel way more wild and free in yourself after this as you feel TRULY WHO YOU ARE.
In wholeness, in unity and in line with your true heart.
There may be a feeling that any past hurts can be forgiven, both of yourself and others.
Any previous dysfunctional attachment can fall away and it will be clear that it is based in a trauma bond. You have outgrown that attachment consciousness in relationship now. Coming into the right relationship with Sacred Masculine within yourself.
You will be becoming way more clear in how you would like to GIVE out your gifts so that the reciprocal relationship will really benefit you.
You are way more open to surrendering to the joy and beauty and innate intelligence within you and to use that and share outwardly in order to feed yourself. You will realise your GREATNESS, your wholeness, your radiant being and how much you have been through to get to this moment now. It is a reclamation of the self as you know there is no turning back.
This meditation will resolve so much uncertainty and imbue you with huge levels of power to love yourself and to be free and unhindered and fully expressive of who you truly are now.
The last part of the meditation is a deep recalibration of the sacred feminine and masculine and is an initiation so only do the second part if you feel ready.

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