helen Holt

Earth Medicine

A radical approach to meditation that will open your heart to the phenomenon of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

Good Morning Earth Warriors,
Great potential for growth and really harmonizing relationships on all levels past present and future today.
I recommend asking some questions prior to beginning this meditation, such as, on your own path and born with your own innate ability, what has been your way of relating to the living Earth plane and from an early age how has the world spoken to you?
The analogous relationship of things that are called into your life the web of connection that may not show up in words on paper, but in a silent language that is the gift of pure presence, when you know you are enough may appear
The fact that you are here listening, living the life that you are exposed to, as a life of spirit is a testament to your connectedness to all things to the Oneness of everything and to ultimately not needing to write anything down but resting in the making of the invisible visible
As you move from the exterior to the interior formation of nature within your body whether or not you see or feel the presence,.it is more than adequate to know that you are seen and felt here.
There is and has been a lifetime of climbing and it’s clear that the human form of the love and light that is only present and it’s coming into a time that can give huge comfort to you in your way of being is shining immensely and causing light within hidden seeds within the earth to take their own nature and begin to break ground.
this is an exciting time for all of us on the path of listening and staying devoted in your conversations with everything around you, with your own source connection, the mystery the river of change that we are each dancing in  and the more.deeper wisdom and companionship of the others in this conversation that are keeping your beauty and the fragility of this life in a passion that is true to the conversation that happens here in this experience and in the way that more of our water is flowing.
You can trace your own evolution through the listening of all of this and in reflecting on how you feel before and after.
In acknowledging the love that lives within you that is fundamental to the impulse of how we are traversing the experience together in the living tapestry and the visceral joy at being still alive and still able to listen and feel all the trees and the Earth all the humans breathing on the Earth and it’s growing and dying and being reborn in the inhalation and exhalation of this vibrant living universe
It’s a magical time to stay in tune with a deeper listening wherever you are so that you can tune the heart to migrate and to become more aware of the teaming life and support all around you.
as we breathe together and allow the sensation of Life birthing and dying, we get to just feel it we don’t have to make sense of anything that is happening in the world around us but rather knows the touch of the living universe that you’re in and how that makes you feel the home of the sensation of being in your power it is more than listening with ears it is being in touch with your body you’re being your heart and it gives such purpose to awaken and reawaken to the responsibility to stay awake and to keep yourself not just alive but devoted to deeper heart body mind connection that works in tandem with your intuition and your emotions and the experiencing of the great of our humanness in the source of all connections to the doorways of all that life has to offer to the world soul and the deep deep listening that is offered over and over again
I love the end with this quote the heart must be tuned by Hazrat Inayat khan:
“It is the attainment of harmony that is called heaven and the lack of it that is termed hell… the harmony of life can be learnt in the same way as the harmony of music…as with everything else in a person’s life there comes a change in voice with every step forward and spiritual evolution… And so every experience and life is an initiation…any pain or suffering is a preparation and just as one must first tune the violin to play it, so the heart must be tuned in order to express wisdom. “

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