Earth Medicine 16

Today is really all about your body, your organs, all inner systems, and an opportunity to offer ourselves a healing appreciation of our physicality and marvel at this creation of biological engineering with new eyes. 

It’s about connecting to the biological systems working and incorporating breath for you in every moment. And it’s about honouring your body as the physical vessel you will use to manifest the fruition of your soul’s journey in this plane of space-time existence. 
For this reason we come to acknowledge our own agency, the power we contain, the energy we can use in our favour. We also take the time to tune in to how our nervous system works and serves us. 
Many of us have become disconnected from our innate power and strength and from the ability to connect to our body’s moving rhythms and the joy of inhabiting and incarnating into this body. When we care for and pay close attention to our inner workings like this, we pay ourselves a deep service, nourishing and caring for the magical alchemy even with the onslaught of toxins or gmos and non-food we consume in our contemporary food chains. Just thanking our bodies for functioning in spite of this and working so hard on our behalf generates a trust we can tap into, when we take the time to meditate on her.
For this reason I am asking you to solely focus on your BODY for the coming week. 
In particular on MOVEMENT. Can you go for a walk for half an hour or more at least 3 times before we rejoin next week. Can you get out into nature and soak in a river or in the sea to ignite our neurons and electrons and wash off the debris of the daily work our body is undertaking? 
Let’s keep each other accountable. Share and tag each other on social media or respond to this email and tell me how you have gotten out into nature and either walked or swam or even run if it feels good and free and playful. Fulfilling our body’s needs is a form of tending to the satisfaction I spoke of in yesterday’s email, that deep resonant field of self nurturing that goes so much deeper than the surface portrayal of your state of being externally. 
Our bodies store a cellular-level memory that we can harness, so remember we can go gently with her so that we can create an area of growth that is powerfully conscious. We want to glide through this time of world openings and change of realities, shifting where the energy can open and the easiest way to do this on a personal level is through the movement of the body. 
If your impulse is to rest with your rock and continue with the work from last week remember, that is also perfect. 
You are the essential component of this experience and the flow of energy will help return what is yours to you so stay with that. 
Thank you for being here,
In loving Awareness,
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