Earth Medicine 150321 by Helen Holt

Dear Earth Medicine Workers

This week begins after a potent new moon in Pisces. This may mean that we actually need more rest and self care to let the level of awareness that has woken up of late to settle in.
It also may mean confronting some parts of ourselves that we have denied access to in the past. By becoming rooted here in your physicality, you can make the journey into the outer realms. If old wounds are opened, this is an amazing space to work from and nothing to run from.
You get to pour all of your own mystic magical healing energy into these spaces.
If it helps to journal beforehand about anything specific in your life that you wish to bring more awareness and power into, please do. Confronting situations that we find painful or challenging is the way into unlocking the huge potential for emotional growth, learning and becoming your most powerful and grounded self.
Our mind and imagination can easily see into the reality of past relationships, lovers, hidden affections, or even grudges, and actually re-experience them in a new way. I have called on the glorious gentleness of Venus and its fine link to Pluto, to give us a splendid opportunity to dissolve what no longer sustains and heals us, and embrace a higher potential for forgiveness and kindness.
Give yourself a good half an hour for this one.
Get all set up to invite yourself into feeling truly into how you are feeling and how you are doing today. If anything arises, write it all out in your journal before, during and/or after. When we go into our next sharing Circle we can call on any shifts that have happened and honour the changes or the things that arise.
It is a beautiful space to drop into to remember your power today.
This deep cellular upgrade is highly attuned to you and your physical body (if you have signed up for it) you can expect to feel the shifts and yet I ask you to enter the space with no expectations, only a sense of surrender, love and attunement to your higher self.
This is how we live now
– in service to our own divinity
– in alignment with our truth
– standing in our power
– brave, awake, aware
– breathing new life into old hurts
– expanding our lungs to capacity
– letting light in.
Cherishing you,


Helen Holt

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