Earth Medicine 13

Thank you to everyone who is reaching out to tell me the ways in which these meditations are impacting you. It is such a huge honour to hear your journey and experiences. These meditations are truly experiential with each one perhaps bringing up something new every time you listen, and you can of course listen multiple times.

Today feels so lovely to tune into the emotional body and lovingly acknowledge ourselves, pledging our allegiance to our inner guidance system that we all innately possess. We often lean into this space during our circle retreat days, because it is where the deep wells of trust, intuition and resonant knowing live, many of us sensing and feeling it in our gut as we are in reality, highly attuned and sensitive creatures.

The more awake and aware we become of this inner navigation system, the more effortlessly we trust in the support of our purpose, the earth and those living here. We drop in to rest more easily . We breathe more fully. We accept ourselves. We honour ourselves with that rest when we need it. We also take the time to fill our cup with the beauty of rivers and streams, mountain air and the sacred sea waters. It is not a case of putting our minds to work. It’s turning our minds to the zero point state so that we can let arise whatever feels called within that softness, that trust and innate intelligence that lives within all of us.

It is often a painful process. Each time we get closer to the truth of who we are. This is the space where many people turn back and find comfort in continuing to do and act in a way that is familiar and not too risky. Numbness sets in. Veils go up. Eyes get shut. This meditation is about softening into letting them fall away.

We cannot re-birth ourselves, or this planet, if we are not willing to face some pain and discomfort. We are HEAVILY conditioned to skip over the process of meeting that soft centre. And it shows up everywhere when we are not willing to work with reverence with the profound wisdom in meeting the truest part of ourselves.

We have each been through hundreds of embodied death cycles in this lifetime. Our bodies, just like the earth — know and remember how to shed and how to die, while living wholly alive.There’s a direct relationship to our inability to imagine, and birth new possibilities and paradigms in our world and our inability to face the necessary exposure within and without.

In your dreams, you can be shown segments of deeply embedded conditioning and habits that are ready to exit out of your skin, long vines of connection are being pulled from our centre, in order for the planets to shift and settle into a new co-mingling. All of your sacred animals and allies of all sorts will show, reminding us that this enormous task of undoing what we have been taught is necessary and that – We are held.

When we are in the grips of something challenging, we can come back to this space of deeply honouring and remembering  the journey we made to get here and the loving way we are all held and safely protected by the earths embrace.

Homework for this week – put a journal and pen by your bedside and immediately on waking – write out any thing you remember , whether that is an energy/feeling or details of something that has emerged from your subconscious dream state.

I am so so glad you are here with us and hope you choose to continue the work through this journey inward.

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