Earth Medicine 12

If Earth Medicine has taught me anything, it’s that in order to truly “heal” ourselves, we have to continue moving towards the roots of our wounds.
The roots are the place where the pain first started.
It may not appear this way at first since we can only see what’s growing above ground.
As any one that works with plants knows, in order to permanently remove a plant that is throwing the garden’s equilibrium out of balance, we have to reach the roots.
If we only address the surface level, they will continuously grow back, perhaps even stronger than before.
Getting to the roots is not always transparent or a direct route.
It takes dedication, it takes muscle, time, consistency, and persistence. If the soil is compacted, compressed, hardened and has not be well-tended to, it makes this work even more difficult.
This process of root tending is no different when it comes to our own inner world and consequently the world at large.
If we can see the roots of the wounds in our own psyche and our collective, we can begin to heal them.
Currently our main news sources are tailored in a way that keep us focused on surface issues—the wounds themselves—and never acknowledges the roots where these issues actually emerged from. Our overall health, immunity and the land we live within goes forgotten.
It is becoming more important than ever to Remember our innate wisdom and ask the deeper questions that bring us to the roots.
What lies beneath the surface? What beauty is within, perhaps it does not even need to be removed at all. Perhaps we have been taught something is a weed but in fact it holds pure love.
Am I sure I can grasp the root of the issue. If it continues to go deeper where will it lead.
Why have certain things triggered me in the past to make decisions that have led me to where I am today.  If they are triggering to me, are they also triggering to others?
Are my own personal traumas impacting the way I hear the news of the world.
Who benefits from me believing one way or another?
And how do Others benefit –
philosophically (making the ‘right’ choices),
emotionally (validate my ‘fears’ by being on my side),
financially (is there ‘profit’ from this representation) and on the loop of tending to the overall state of being of our world goes.
We all have a part to play on this earth.
We all hold more power than we’ve been led to believe.
The closer we can get to the roots of our own wounds, the more clearly we can see what is out of balance in this world.
It’s through the breaking of our spirits that we can lose the battle. So do not be afraid to BE IN THE JOY, to LIVE IN THE FREEDOM, to BASK IN YOUR BEAUTY.
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