Earth Medicine 11

This is a deep journey of breath and body, learning to listen and REALLY love your body and its willingness to be here and participate in letting go.

You’ll need half an hour for this meditation. Don’t be surprised if you want to stay a bit longer or reconnect to a deeper part of your conditioning that you may wish to work on altering.

I highly highly recommend getting a journal or copy book and at the end write down anything that has come up and that you would love to work more on releasing. If it feels okay take a picture and send me a picture of your scribblings, I can work on it before next week and thereby work together to disrupt the patterning.

It’s layer by layer that we do this. It takes at least 6 weeks in order to be able to shed a deeper layer of this old programming. None of these old beliefs are anyone’s fault. They were just encoded , in all of us, as children as we were learning to navigate our world’s and be safe and held . Some of those engrained ‘ go to ‘ patterns are now only holding you back or even holding you hostage, however we are here so that we can work softly gently with that information in order to unmask, despite our own discomfort or vulnerability in hearing these words, to a clearer ,more deeply connected to innate wisdom and joy, to live fully and in the unique harmony with mother earth that we actually came here to experience.

Hope you enjoy this Earth Medicine Meditation.

With Love,


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