helen Holt

Earth Medicine

A radical approach to meditation that will open your heart to the phenomenon of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

Dear Earth Warriors
Herein today we go on a journey into the transcendent, eternal liberation of One’s Self. 
It is a mythical one where you get to fully let go and cast your own protection spell.
We can access all levels once we give consent and allow ourselves to be embodied in the pure love of your life.
You declare your intention to move in the flow of Mother Earth and She will fully support you here.
You get a massive chance to regenerate your nervous system here. Take it!
Not just that but you get the chance to access an even deeper level of your own enduring sovereignty.
For those that have been living in fear of freedom this meditation may not penetrate the deeper levels of your potentiality. 
This is just a fact. 
If you are still sabotaging your greatness and liberation by getting involved in the big drama unfolding in the world right now then you may be blocking the light from entering.
Once you begin to drop into stillness, dont question it. Dont analyse it. Just let yourself BE. The energy of this work is already holding you, always. You really dont have to think about it.
Your body, your womb, your heart will not give you false messages when you are in this place of full trust and surrender. 
If you want to journal or really contemplate on something after listening, let it be this:
  • What would it feel like to express yourself in a truly authentic way? (Without any overthought or old habits of trying to tend to the emotions of so many other people).
  • What would it feel like to stop playing small?
  • How does it feel to accept the love of another?
A wise woman knows that ‘We can experience the liberation of our unfettered expression or we can micromanage the way others receive us…’
Which one are you choosing?  
Right now, each of us here are coming from a place that is eternally sovereign and liberated. You begin this meditation with that already in place. It is so.

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