Dried Marsh Mellow

I can't ignore his sympathy
As much as I try to disengage
It's there, lingering like a soft breeze intended to comfort,
And yet I cling to jasmine and Jacobs cabbage, 
Hoping he doesn't notice
I've fallen again,
Tumbled deep below
The cavern of isolation
Rescued only by the wonky way
She looks when the sun shines directly on her eye.

I try to hold heat and calm together
But she dozes softly in the rain
So I capture some freedom
Take rest in the cabin
Arrange wooden baskets, filled with raspberries and red Russians
Make peace with the glaring sun
Put my feet up for once.

Beyond the assembly he lopes behind
Quite happy to go by the name Frederick
Though its his bones wombling nimbly beneath that thick skin he's gathered 
That get me, all fixed. 
Neatly in danger of collapse
Any day it could happen.
Not so fast now. One knows
It's the theory of everything
For one grows so subtly
In the waking light,

But it's when we sleep.
Oh when we rest that 
true honest sprouts
From the trails of thoughts
Beneath that meat suit
Brims another explosion
Just another plant to release.
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