Working from home it is easy to get lost in a web of photography, IG, work, headstands and cooking or uncooking random vegan things in the kitchen. So how do I suddenly get spurts of creative outlook? Why do I so often rush to write a poem that feels like it is not even written from a conscious part of my brain?

It all started or re-started in November 2012 when my father was in a life threatening car accident.

Ok I had always written, had even won a few poetry prizes, when I was young and was constantly doing poetry readings in the arklow music and drama festival. I guess poetry was a thing for me as a child. I still remember the look on my family’s face when I came home one day from a sewer  with a real life turtle  in one hand and a poem in the other about Irelands little paradise down in a dodgy council estate called the respond, built especially for families who had absolutely nothing. I used to go to a field down there and sit by the sewer and all kinds of words spewed out onto pages. I used to wake in the middle of the night and write things down. I still do.

Life got a good stronghold of me after that though, once I entered secondary school and beyond, I left all that daydreaming behind. Apart from some odd journalling, law became my world of words. But death came so very close to me on 18th November  2012, something shifted profoundly in my awareness and in my willingness to put words into order on a page. I got strangely clear, saw things in a completely new light and was re-ignited by some other force to pick up the pen again. Since then I have written a poem almost every day and not religiously or anything like that, but rather through some kind of need to expel.

With this brief background, I post the first poem I wrote when my Dad was in hospital.

I’d climb out of the
darkness for you;
Not just for you
For all
To see the light
Shine through,
Revealing in its thoughtfulness,
its fullness
and its Bright
For all there is to see
For all there is to do
There is but one
For which we live
In order to direct
Our dharma
This righteousness
Through which the
right of light shines through.



Some tips to help your creativity blossom:

      Try to be silent during the day. Take time to reflect on the bigger picture. If you are indoors a lot, sit near a window. watch the happenings outside.

Notice nature, even if it the grass growing in a small patch near the office, the changes in colour, how it grows.

Take time to question your habits. Try not to clog your system with processed foods, dairy, wheat, meat etc.

Appreciate small things like a glass of water, clean socks or water running over your head during a shower.

look people in the eye. imagine what life would be like if we all communicated from our soul planes.


  1. Catriona Holt

    So simple but things I forget to do. Something I am going to start working on from today. Thank you x

  2. Ann-Marie

    Lovely poem about your Father. You are so incredibly gifted, talented and creative! Looking forward to the first Avondale retreat 🙂

    • avondaleretreat

      Thank you Ann-Marie. Trial run this weekend and all going well classes starting in November 2014!

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