Creativity and Your Brain

Creativity… that succinct ability to self express without fear of judgement or shame.

That wild, inherent and deep desire to express our inner ideas.

That burning fire to release ideas and concoctions of the soul.


Whether you express through art, music, dance, photography, yoga or writing it is the best form of self expression and simultaneous release that can melt even the most tense of bodies, mind or heart.

Unleash your inner ideas. Let them be released no matter how silly or uninteresting you believe they might be to others.

What is important is that you free your inner workings in whatever form they wish to be best expressed. You are open book. We all have the ability to be creative. So tap in.

On that note, a poem:

Your Brain.

Night flashed by in a space invisible,

An invitation to join the club or descend into the cavernous dark.

Tied up by a moderator moon,

I was inkling towards sleep when your breathing filled the room.

Like a light had been switched on,

I remembered your presence.

A head half filled with sleep,

I ache for someone to rub their hands through my hair.

To let me shrink into a shadow again,

to whisk away the dreams that await.

Yet two worlds beyond our moon were soon to dispatch,

unsegregated sleep from your breath once again.

The whole night’s wind has divided us.

So I turn over and hug the woollen blanket.

Knowing that your dreams fill my world and make us beat as one.

Not forgetting to rest.

I won’t undo us yet.

I won’t undo us yet.




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