Theta Yoga

Striving to fulfil your dharma?

Does dharma really exist? Some people will say we are on planet earth for a certain period of time and we should make the best of it. That we should try find what we feel is important to us and … Read More

New Year Retreat 2015

Veronica Larsson at Avondale Retreat … Read More

Why I’m still doing yoga 10 years on

Part of a yoga journey series … Read More

New life and teaching

So I have a 12 week old baby girl and we are still completely beside ourselves with her newness. Her pure innocent, wide eyed curiosity is enchanting. Her way of looking at things for the first time a dream of … Read More

Life changes/Finding happiness

Baby Bounce Back Challenge … Read More

Avondale Retreat Yoga

Experience the light and love of Avondale Retreat Centre … Read More

Five weeks postpartum and Yoga classes coming soon!

  Hanging in there…. Everyone always said having a baby will utterly change your life. I could never grasp the extent of the true meaning of this until now. We have Beautiful new baby Abigail Faith Holt for a full … Read More

Becoming Mama

There is always some hesitation for me in writing personal posts here as it is created for our imminent Avondale Retreat Centre. However, these are changing times in this time-space continuum and “the future of communication is the future of the … Read More

Poco, our spirit animal

For the last week, we have had a little wild and wonderful baby rabbit move in under our decking just outside the kitchen. He appears several times a day. Watchful, alert, calculated, and calm. We have named him Poco. Poco … Read More

Yes love

As a lawyer, as a lover, as a strong believer in equal rights, I wanted to take the opportunity to write a brief post on the momentous occasion of yesterday when we said, as a people, united,  f*ck yeah to … Read More